DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals 2021 – Group favorites and what to expect!

The DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals are getting close to kicking off. This is the first big global event for the ESL Pro Tour 2021/2022 Season. It carries a $50,000 prize pool and is going to see the top players go up against each other this season.

All the action is due to start July 1st and finish up July 4th. Let’s breakdown who made it thus far, and what we can expect moving forward.

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DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals

The DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals is due to be kicking off in June. This is the culmination of all of the summer regional events that have been taking place. That was a bit of a long journey through, but we’ve finally reached the finals. These matches are going to set the stage for the rest of the 2021/2022. The players who stand out here and getting off to a great start for the whole rest of the season. This is how the tournament is going to work:

Group Stage

  • The event is starting off with a group stage.
  • This is played with 16 players, they’re divided into four groups of four.
  • All matches are played in a best of 3 format
  • This is a dual tournament format.
  • The top 2 players from each of the groups will go forward into the playoffs.


  • The Playoffs will then bring the top players from each of these brackets together.
  • This is played in Best of Five, but with Finals as Best of Seven.
  • 8 players will be competing in a single-elimination bracket.

Those are the two halves for the DH SC2 Masters Summer 2021. There aren’t going to be that many players even heading into this tournament. The regional stages have definitely narrowed the field down quite a bit.

Watch DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals

You can watch the English live stream right here. Alternatively co-hosted and localized language streams will be announced closer to the event.

Who to Watch at the DH SC2 Masters Summer Finals

The DH SC2 Master Summer 2021 Finals are bringing together players from the big regional events that have been taking place. While it’s the first global finals for this season, those regionals have given us a good idea of which players we need to watch at the finals. If you’re looking at StarCraft betting, then these are the ones you might want to look at for the full finals.

Some of the first players to look at naturally come from previous events and their placement. Rogue, Maru, and Trap all look strong. Specifically, Rogue, who has been placing very highly in recent events quite consistently. Looking at qualifications from Korea, INnoVation definitely stands out, but Zest isn’t exactly slacking. Elsewhere, Clem and Reynor are also notable. These players don’t exactly whittle the roster down, but they’re all top players in the game.

In terms of an individual, you can look towards, Trap, INNoVation, and Clem are possible winners out of their past performances. You’ll have to watch the event closely though since upsets are possible. The winners of this event are definitely going to look strong for the rest of the full season.

With two players advancing in each group, expect Trap, Dream, Maru, Reynor, INnoVation, Rogue, Clem and HeRoMaRinE to make it out of Groups. Esports betting odds for the opening matches heavily favor one player and upsets are not expected. This means you should aim for round 2 or 3 to place wagers with better outcomes.