Dota 2 Ti10 China Qualifier Betting Analysis and Match Predictions

The TI10 China Qualifier may seem like the most underwhelming qualifier of the entire lot, and for good reasons. Chinese teams occupy one-third of the twelve TI10 direct invites, establishing the region as the most formidable of the eight. Even so, this Qualifier will still present one more Chinese candidate to participate at TI10.

Lets go over the entire event and set our initial predictions. Today’s odds are courtesy of GG.BET.

The International 10 China Qualifier Teams & Favorites

TI10 China Qualifier shares similar traits in terms of the tournament format but has significantly lesser participants than other regions. There’s only four Upper Division and six Lower Division participants competing. Four Chinese victors already secured their TI10 invites, making room for Lower Division teams to fill the slots.

The Upper Division teams are Elephant, EHOME, Royal Never Give Up, and Sparking Arrow Gaming. Whereas the Lower Division selection includes Phoenix Gaming, LBZS, Aster.Aries, Team MagMa, CDEC, and Xtreme Gaming.

Team Elephant, an all-star stack of familiar prodigies, might have been the biggest letdown for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) season. Once proclaimed as the team with the highest potential to win TI10, Elephant is nothing but a husk of its former glory.

By former glory, Elephant once achieved 154,000 gold lead in a match after their support player, Xu “fy” Linsen, bought three Divine Rapiers on his Lina. Nevertheless, Elephant will still be a massive favorite among the crowd because of its renowned stack of players.

EHOME is another strong candidate to make it past the preliminary rounds of TI10 China Qualifier. The powerhouse team houses several noteworthy players, veterans at the very least. Even so, the competition among these Chinese teams has always been vigorous. In the last Upper Division, EHOME found themselves at the short end of the stick after losing the three-way tiebreaker versus Invictus Gaming and Elephant.

Finally, RNG is considered a complete unknown at this event. The team acquired Ru “RedPanda” Zhihao in late May, and there is very little info on how the roster is performing as of late. They might be the absolute favorite or the worst under performer.

Lets go over the four opening matches and set our initial expectations for the event and the bracket.

Elephant vs Team MagMa

Heading into the first match, Team MagMa is up against the Elephant. The underdog squad had its moments since their debut into the competitive scene. They were however no match against seasoned opponents and even struggled against lower tiered teams.

The power gap in this match-up is as stark as night and day. Elephant is anticipated to secure a clean victory to kickstart their  journey. As expected the odds favor Elephant at x1.12 return, versus Team Magma at x5.81.

Ideally, you can go for a 2:0 in favor of Elephant and at least secure a decent x1.5 return.

LBZS vs Royal Never Give Up

In yet another battle between an Upper Division and a Lower Division team, LBZS and RNG meet up in a bracket defining match. There is room to consider how the match could play out in favor of LBZS as RNG often suffers losses when the game goes too late. This is mostly caused by their unconventional choice of carry picks.

We have seen LBZS often selecting late-game oriented picks, such as Phantom Assassin and Arc Warden. They also prioritize good saves on their support heroes, making it absolutely fool-proof to transition into late game. The Dota 2 odds are still in favor of RNG to win at x1.27 versus LBZS at x3.6 odds, but do not be surprised if we see an upset here.

To remain on the safe side, I would go for an over 40.5 minutes game one, as both teams are unlikely to call GG in their opener. You can also expect x3.54 return for this selection.

Phoenix Gaming vs Sparkling Arrow Gaming

Despite SAG’s standing as an Upper Division team, their performance certainly did not reflect as such. They concluded their run at last place and zero wins. Up against the top seeds in Lower Division, Phoenix Gaming seems like a more confident team, a rising underdog, if you will. They have proven their strength by winning all their matches to date.

As far as odds go, Phoenix Gaming has much better odds to win at x1.55 versus SAG at x2.31 odds. This makes Phoenix Gaming the only Lower Division team to have better odds than their Upper Division match-up.

A simple outright on Phoenix will suffice in this selection.

EHOME vs Aster.Aries

Finally, the last opening could see EHOME get overthrown by Aster.Aries. From past records, EHOME has been a consistent team in the Upper Division, and of course, a reputable powerhouse too. On the other hand, Aster.Aries is a fresh stack of young blood, but without much credibility yet. Sure, they performed exceptionally well in the Lower Division, where they were third-place after losing the three-way tiebreaker. But in the grand scheme of DPC 2021, they have yet to prove that they can rival the more promising names in the scene.

As such, there’s no denying the overwhelming odds stacked against Aster.Aries. EHOME is expected to win at x1.11 versus Aster.Aries at a whopping x6.09 odds. I will actually go against the grain and have Aster.Aries win this match.

Elephant vs Team MagMaCorrect Score 2:0@ 1.49
LBZS vs Royal Never Give UpMap 1 over 40.5 minutes@ 3.54
Phoenix Gaming vs Sparkling Arrow GamingPhoenix Gaming to win@ 1.55
EHOME vs Aster.AriesAster.Aries to win@ 6.09
ODDS x49.79

Putting aside the lack of competition in the International 10 China Qualifier, we can still be excited for the fifth victor, representing China at TI10. As they say, the more, the merrier, and the higher the Chinese teams’ odds are to win the entire thing. Perhaps TI10 China Qualifier isn’t worth staying late for, then TI10 Western Europe Qualifier might be something to look forward.

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