Dota 2 TI10 North America Qualifiers Betting Tips and Analysis

Despite being notoriously known for the lack of prominent teams and stagnant growth as a competitive region, NA is still home to an abundance of high-profile players. The International 10 (TI10) North America qualifiers will earn the region their 3rd spot at the event. Previously Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew already secured tickets to TI10.

There’s much to highlight from their less popular rivals. Lets get straight into it.

TI10 North America Qualifiers Format and Favorites

The NA qualifiers share a relatively similar tournament format with their counterparts at Eastern Europe and South America qualifiers. Twelve teams shall compete in best-of-three double elimination brackets, where only one TI10 slot is up for grabs.

The eight teams competing in the first round of upper bracket are Undying, 4 Zoomers, simply TOOBASED, SADBOYS, Black N Yellow, D2 Hustlers, Arkosh Gaming and The Cut. Meanwhile, the lower bracket candidates, Team DogChamp, 5ManMidas, Electronic Boys and felt are waiting eagerly for the losers from upper bracket to compete with them.

Undying has been a rising star in the recent Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) season. Having gone head-to-toe against other NA rivals. They always seem to fall short of making into the majors because EG and Quincy Crew were in the way. Undying has nothing to fear in the TI10 North America Qualifiers this time around. Sure, 4 Zoomers could potentially give them a run for their money, but any other candidate would be of no threat.

Then we have SADBOYS, a team led by Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, infamously known for his controversial roster changes. Dramas aside, there’s no denying that EternaLEnVy is a player of veteran status. And this new team rounds up the three main favorites at this year’s qualifier.

Time to predict the four matches kicking off the The International 10: North America Qualifier.

Undying vs The Cut

Overall, it’s a rough situation over at TI10 North America Qualifiers, where the match-ups seem way too one-sided. For instance, The Cut probably stands no chance at snatching a game off Undying, let alone win the series.

It’s just a matter of the two teams’ experience and standing. Undying’s players are all very reputable individually, while The Cut looks more like a start-up project at best. As such, the Dota 2 odds also reflect absurdly on this match. Undying has an x1.04 odds versus The Cut at a whopping x9.66 coefficient.

We can anticipate the first game being the best The Cut can offer, and placing a bet on total kills being over 41.5 in Map 1 earns us a nice x1.78 in return.

Black N Yellow vs SADBOYS

We do have a much fairer match between Black N Yellow and SADBOYS in the second head2head. Both teams have been somewhat subpar in the past DPC 2021 season. We have to account for SADBOYS’ highly reputable roster of NA veterans. One of them being EternaLEnVy, but also Eric “Ryoya” Dong or David “Moo” Hull, who are both familiar faces too.

Meanwhile Black N Yellow, as a relatively new team of amateurs, have outdone themselves in many aspects. They performed better than SADBOYS in the last Upper Division, too, albeit not by a considerable margin. As for Dota 2 odds, Black N Yellow has an x2.08 return versus SADBOYS at x1.71 instead.

An outright bet for SADBOYS to win should suffice.

Simply TOOBASED vs D2 Hustlers

The third matchup is battle between one mediocre Upper Division team and the winner of the Lower Division bracket. Simply TOOBASED is amongst the teams with high-profile players, while D2 Hustlers seems like a fun team to watch, considering their adventurous stack of players. Of course, D2 Hustlers has a renowned player of their own in Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai.

Surprisingly both teams share relatively even odds despite the bracket difference. At x1.95 returns for Simply TOOBASED, while D2 Hustlers has x1.81 returns. Perhaps the fans have faith in the young contender to deliver in this match. I on other hand, tend to stick with tried and true when it comes to qualifiers and another outright bet for Simply TOOBASED to win should suffice.

Arkosh Gaming vs 4 Zoomers

Finally, Arkosh Gaming, a team that didn’t end up as an overblown joke by SirActionSlacks meets the 4 Zoomers. Arkosh Gaming is very serious about making itself known to the NA Dota 2 community. However, the probability for Arkosh to win is very poor, considering their opponent is 4 Zoomers. They did well to secure top seeds in the Lower Division. As expected, the Dota 2 odds highly favor 4 Zoomers at x1.1 odds versus Arkosh Gaming at x6.41.

This should be a pretty straightforward match up in my opinion. Correct score of 0:2 in favor of 4Zoomers is offering just enough odds to make our 4-way accumulator perfect.

Undying vs the cutMap 1 Total Kills - Over 41.5@ 1.78
Simply TOOBASED vs D2 HustlersSimply TOOBASED to win@ 1.97
Black N Yellow vs SADBOYSSADBOYS to win@ 1.70
Arkosh Gaming vs 4 ZoomersCorrect Score 0:2@ 1.56
ODDS 9.3

TI10 North America Qualifiers will spell the welcome of yet another NA representative in the International 10, scheduled for early August 2021. While we aren’t expecting a TI10-winning candidate as an outcome of this qualifier, it’s still a good step towards shining the spotlight on NA talents.

With the TI10 season coming, it’s a wise decision to actively check our Dota 2 News segment for daily updates, while GG.BET can be your go-to for Dota 2 betting fun.