Evil Geniuses announced a new Dota 2 roster – SumaiL and s4 replaced

After finishing 3rd at three of the five Dota Pro Circuit Majors and 5th – 6th at The International 2019, Evil Geniuses has finally decided to make two important roster changes.

The players who left Evil Geniuses

The two players that left EG are SumaiL and s4.


The second player who left EG is s4. Just like SumaiL, he’s a former TI champion and winner of many important trophies. Overall, he’s played for 4 big teams: Alliance, Team Secret, OG and Evil Geniuses. His abilities as offlaner and midlaner, standard player and in-game leader are exceptional. So I’m not worried about him finding a new home. But who might require his services? Perhaps Alliance? Or the new Team Liquid? We’ll soon find out.


In SumaiL’s case, it’s not very clear why he left. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t kicked, as he is one of the best midlaners in the world. His contributions to his team have allowed EG to win The International 2015 and numerous other trophies. As a team, Evil Geniuses has been one of the best competitors in Dota 2 for five years. And the young Pakistani, who joined them at just 15, was critical to their success.

It is not yet clear what SumaiL will do next. He’s been approached on Twitter by OG, although nobody knows yet how serious that interaction was. With ana likely deciding to leave OG again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see SumaiL replace him and start playing either as mid or carry.

Evil Geniuses New Roster, SumaiL Replaced

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The players who joined Evil Geniuses

The replacements for SumaiL and s4 are Abed and RAMZES.


Abed is known as the first Dota 2 player to breach the 10.000 MMR barrier. And he did it not only in the old matchmaking system but also in the newer one. His abilities in the middle lane are unquestionable but his level of success in professional tournaments hasn’t been close to that of SumaiL.

Nevertheless, I expect Abed to successfully replace the former EG star and help his team get to The International 2020. The main problem however is that EG has made these recent roster moves in order to become the best team in the world. And that’s going to be a very difficult challenge.


The second player that joined is RAMZES from Virtus.pro. In his case, I have a lot of doubts. And not only because he doesn’t speak English very well, but also because he will be playing the offlane position. Keep in mind that his whole three years at VP he’s played only carry. Going from carry to offlaner is not an easy thing to do, simply because these are completely opposite roles in terms of the type of skills and mentality you need to succeed.