Lima Major 2023 kicks off with tough Dota 2 competition across all groups

It’s always a thrilling sight to see the Dota 2 Major participants fight for tournament life. The Lima Major 2023 is South America’s first Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) Major, which is a commendable feat for the region’s Esports scene.

Day 1 Recap at Lima Major 2023

The first day of Lima Major showcases an incredible showdown from every team. Particularly, not a single Group A participant lost or win both series on Day 1. This is a testament of how well these teams held their ground against the regional opponents since the last LAN event.

Lima Major 2023 Group A and B Teams

The International 11 (TI11) participants that are present at Lima Major today includes Tundra Esports, Talon Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Team Spirit, TeamSoloMid, Evil Geniuses, and PSG.LGD in Group A. And, let’s just say these teams have not lost their touch after such a long hiatus.

In fact, each team gave each other a run for its money. For instance, TSM, dubbed the NA pride, managed to sweep PSG.LGD but lost to Team Spirit. Whereas even Tundra, the TI11 Champs, had to draw their series vs Execration.

Welcoming newcomers in Group B

Although Group B might not have the most promising stack of teams, there are important teams to keep an eye out for. For instance, Shopify Rebellion is the former EG squad after the org opted for their South American rivals.

Additionally, we have newly-debuted teams making their first splash in a Major, such as Geek Slate and Knights. Geek Slate’s unpredictable drafts have largely been one-sided against its opponents. Even when they lost to Entity, it was a hard-fought battle that was decided by Entity’s team fight clutches.

Team Liquid’s renowned line-up now features Michał “Nisha” Jankowski, which absolutely crushed its competition in DPC 2023 Tour 1 Western Europe. As such, they are certainly a top dog in Group B and eventually going into Playoffs for sure.

Lima Major 2023 Group Stage Predictions

A day’s worth of matches likely won’t be enough to predict the outcomes of Lima Major’s group stage. However, we do know that only six teams (out of nine) will advance to Playoffs from each group.

Tundra, Team Spirit, and EG are easily unrivalled in the long run of group A. Despite the negative perception of Team Spirit after Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek’s departure, Spirit has proven their strength as founding members of their TI10-winning roster. The Chinese powerhouse, PSG.LGD, is supposedly a strong candidate to qualify too, but without their golden boy, Wang “Ame” Chunyu, we have our doubts.

The remaining two slots could easily be for TSM and Gaimin’s grabbing if they continue to reel up victories with their momentum.

In group B, the predictions are slightly ambiguous with the presence of many underdogs. However, our must-haves to advance to Playoffs will include Entity, Shopify Rebellion, Team Liquid, BetBoom, and Team Aster. They are technically still TI-worthy players, so that’s good enough of a justification to root for them.

Additionally, we could potentially expect Geek Slate, Knights, and beastcoast to battle it out for the remaining slot.


Hence, that sums up the first day of the highly-anticipated Lima Major 2023. We have plenty of seasoned teams yet several unexpected new teams to spice up the competition too. The Lima Major 2023 Group Stage spans from February 22 to March 5, so catch the action live.

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