RNG kick off a taxing superweek in Dota 2 – DPC China Tour 2 Week 4

The fourth week at Dota 2 DPC China Tour 2 will be a devastating week for participating teams. Due to the backlog of postponed matches caused by the lockdown in Shanghai, we are getting eight series to watch.

With every team having at least two series to compete in, the DPC China Tour 2 is set to be a testament to every team’s performance thus far.

RNG seeks to challenge for top seed

Right off the bat, we have RNG playing both MagMa and PSG.LGD in a single week. RNG has quickly snatched the top seeds in DPC last Tour, effectively replacing Invictus Gaming. With their newfound dominance, MagMa should pose no obstacle to the squad of prominent figureheads.

For the uninitiated, RNG now houses the remnants of the International 8 runner-ups Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao, Yang “Chalice” Shenyi, and Yap “xNova” Jian Wei. Given the difference in class among players alone, they dominate the odds at x1.32.

Later in the week, RNG faces a far bigger threat than MagMa in PSG.LGD, arguably the strongest DPC CN Tour 2 team right now. PSG is backed by their victory in the previous Regional Finals, and a dominating start to Tour 2. Even so, upsets aren’t out of the picture, especially for a team of high calibre, RNG. Couple that with recent Dota 2 Patch 7.31 shenanigans, bringing new aspirations for unorthodox drafts, and RNG might pull it off.

Hoodwink seems to be their comfort pick alongside utility heroes, Pangolier and Rubick. The line-up requires high involvement throughout the game, which is fundamental in providing as much space for their hard carry to farm. Furthermore, picking these utility heroes meant that they have fewer consequences for feeding deaths, assuming they do. But once again, these heroes are elusive and feisty for the most part, making them difficult to kill and too much effort for naught.

The Dota 2 odds are still against RNG at x2.89 while PSG.LGD is at x1.39, which isn’t too bad for the former. Our story does not end here though. We have another two top tier matches coming in the Chinese Dota 2 superweek.


EHOME has been phenomenal for a team that only recently picked up a no-name roster. When these young guns participated in the DPC CN Regional Finals, there were certainly fans rooting for the underdog to prevail. While EHOME may not stand a fighting chance against the top dogs in the DPC such as PSG.LGD and Xtreme Gaming, it’s fair play against LBZS.

LBZS themselves are a staple in DPC, occasionally hopping from Division 1 or 2, but are consistent where it matters. The team’s synergy can be a deadly tool against teams of their level but may require a better coach or drafter to leverage on their current strength. EHOME will have to worry about not qualifying for Stockholm Major 2022.

Given their previous Tour’s standing as the fourth-place team, there’s a new contender this time around, Xtreme Gaming. On a different note, EHOME is still considerably favored on the scale of Dota 2 odds at x1.31 versus LBZS at x3.31

Team Aster vs Team MagMa

It’s yet another tough opponent for MagMa this week, and this time the threat goes by the name of Aster. Aster is one of the contestants in the DPC CN Regional Finals and has the backing of prominent players. Several names include Du “Monet” Peng and Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang, who are familiar faces if you have watched TI Championships for the last couple of years.

If it isn’t blatantly obvious, our initial impression of Aster is one-sided despite Aster having played one match in DPC China Tour 2. This speaks volume about how prominent Aster has been in past DPC Tours, and certainly not your average run-in-the-mill team.

Now, MagMa isn’t too shabby for a team that made it into Division 1 by only losing two matches. However, their back-and-forth participation in different brackets is a tell-tale sign that MagMa is not cut out to face Chinese powerhouses. Expect the odds to favor Aster heavily at x1.25 versus MagMa at a whopping x3.78

It’s a crucial week for Aster and EHOME to deliver results, and one particular opponent that we didn’t cover here is Xtreme Gaming. Xtreme has matches scheduled against the two opponents this week, which we covered here.

The gist of it is that the DPC China Tour 2 is packed with many exciting matches, which can use some fancy Dota 2 betting. Of course, if gambling on Somnus to get first blood is your cup of tea, consider checking out GG.BET for exclusive odds on DPC Tour 2 China.