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Can EG bounce back? – DPC NA Week 4 Match Analysis and Predictions

Putting aside the infamy for gatekeeping, the North American Dota scene does have many strong competitors emerge in recent years. Notably, independent teams, such as Quincy Crew, Undying, and 4 Zoomers have become reliable candidates in Dota 2 betting.

They are occasionally overthrowing even the highly-regarded Evil Geniuses, and we are entering a season where NA Dota might just make a big return. As we round up Dota Pro Circuit NA on Week 4, here are several crucial games to be wary of.

Still a god

Evil Geniuses vs 4 Zoomers

EG frankly hasn’t been in their prime for quite some time. Despite the bandwagon alongside Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka’s debut, EG just doesn’t feel as dominating as they once were.

EG’s new roster does feel sloppy at times, but we have to give credit where it’s due. NA teams are getting better through sheer hard work and grinding their skills since the International 10 (TI10). EG struggled against opponents that never once stood a chance to qualify for Majors, such as Wildcard Gaming and Black N Yellow.

With only the top performers awaiting their round with EG for the upcoming weeks, EG is in deep water if they can’t snatch any victories. 4 Zoomers, sure they have undergone a roster revamp after the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22). However, the seasoned players make up for their caveat by being prodigies in their rights. Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez is a young wunderkind, with the potential to rival world-class mid-players. Alongside, notable names such as David “Moo” Hull and Zakari William Lee “Zfreek” Freedman certainly puts 4 Zoomers at an equal footing versus EG.

However, with EG’s popularity skyrocketing due to JerAx’s presence, expect the odds to still favor EG at x1.45 versus 4 Zoomers at x2.66 returns.

Quincy Crew vs Team Undying

Meanwhile, the competition for top seedings is all the uproar for Quincy Crew and Undying. Boasting their reputation as TI10 participants, both teams live up to their expectations in the NA DPC scene. As it stands, both teams have not incurred any lost series yet.

Scoreboard aside, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, a founding member of Quincy Crew, remains the most formidable threat for his opponents. The lather’s low-profile playstyle kept him out of the radar, despite pulling off Ember Spirit performances with a commendable 5.88 KDA. We will certainly see Quinn pull off wonders again, but not to leave out the rest of Quincy Crew, who are consistent themselves.

Team Undying, on the other hand, boasts veteran players too. Notably, David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang, who has roots in pioneering team OG’s early glory days. Undying opted for sustainable teamfights, that outlast opponents in the long run. MoonMeander can adapt to vast selections of offlane heroes, from the durable ones like Tidehunter to the elusive saviors like Weaver.

This adds a pop into Undying’s playstyle and certainly makes them a difficult opponent to counter. As such, the Dota 2 odds are in favor of Undying at x1.75, but Quincy Crew isn’t too shabby either at x2.03 odds.

Arkosh Gaming vs simply TOOBASED

At the lower half of Division 1 DPC NA, Arkosh Gaming and simply TOOBASED struggle for tournament life. Simply TOOBASED has been a complete letdown for a team of familiar faces, such as Eric “Ryoya” Dong and Francis “FLee” Lee.

However, considering that they have only played against top performers mentioned previously, their losses almost seemed justified. Regardless, they do need to pick up their pace as they face their first easier opponent, Arkosh Gaming.

Arkosh Gaming, is by no means a pushover, having been promoted into Division 1 after just one season. It’s a shame that they lost to Quincy Crew and EG, but once again, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. As such, both teams are relatively equal in odds of approximately x1.85 returns.

The Cut vs felt

Hailing from Division 2, The Cut might be next in line to join the Division 1 bracket next season. In fact, The Cut used to play in Division 1 but was never really impressed with their underwhelming runs. However, they are currently the top dogs in Division 2, incurring no losses yet, and we even go as far as to say The Cut is unmatched.

Their upcoming match versus Felt would probably be yet another sweep. The Cut’s strategies revolve around prioritizing late-game potential, which gives them leeway in case the laning phase doesn’t go as planned. Hence, this particular playstyle is very effective in a bracket, where opponents don’t want to play long-duration games.

As expected, The Cut has x1.16 odds versus felt at x4.93 odds.

The DPC NA Week 4 is where the prominent top fours in Division 1 clash among themselves. In return, we will know which teams are truly in their best shape for the final two weeks of DPC2021-22. Get exclusive odds on GG.BET as we creep nearer to the final weeks of DPC2021-22. Read our handy Dota 2 betting guide to get the best out of your wages.

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