T1, PSG.LGD and Quincy Crew secure invites for The International 10

T1, PSG.LGD and Quincy Crew secured invites to The International 10 (TI10) last night. It was an eventful first day of playoffs at the WePlay AniMajor, and the first batch of top-eight finishes has been set. With direct invites to TI going to the top twelve on the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) leaderboard, eight are now locked in and another eight fight for the remaining four spots.

Quincy Crew AniMajor

Quincy Crew (North America)

Quincy Crew secured 1100 DPC points and are set to make their debut at TI10 . Fans did anticipate the team’s victory over NoPing Esports yesterday. After all, Quincy Crew is no stranger in the NA competitive scene, having been around since last year. Their loyalty and commitment finally paid off today, and we are glad that they made the cut. For an independent, unsponsored team in North America, it is a tremendous feat to achieve.

It’s certainly a good season for NA fans on top of the almighty Evil Geniuses’ reign among the top three DPC teams as well.

T1 (SEA)

The Korean squad led by Asian prodigies is the first from the region to qualify for TI10. Fans are eagerly looking forward to the young team’s success and a showcase of their prowess.

During the DPC 2021 second season, T1 topped the regional league with a first-place victory, earning them 500 DPC points and Major Playoffs seed. Yesterday, they upset the Chinese powerhouse in a flawless sweep to claim another 300 DPC points. With an accumulated 970 points, T1 can rest comfortably knowing that they are among the top five on DPC 2021 leaderboard.

Perhaps the adventurous line-up has much to thank Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, the Thai wunderkind. Although his early participation at Singapore Major ended with miserable results, T1 returned to deliver our expectations.

PSG.LGD (China)

Hailing from China, PSG.LGD is the second team to join the TI10 invitees’ list after beating Alliance. However, it wasn’t a Cinderella story like T1’s case, as PSG.LGD was undeniably better than their competitors for a long while now.

Previously at the Singapore Major, they narrowly secured an entry-level Wild Cards seed but made their way into the semi-finals. Despite the painstaking journey, it wasn’t enough DPC points to skip the WePlay AniMajor entirely. PSG.LGD once again showcased their strength, which Alliance quoted as, “They are on another level.

With an instant beatdown on Alliance, PSG.LGD manages to secure 1100 DPC points and ultimately sealing their TI10 invite.

The TI10 invite list is definitely not final, but with less than half the slots remaining. Teams are scrambling to deliver their last-ditch effort to secure DPC points. Amongst other notable mentions are Alliance, Nigma, Team Spirit, TNC Predator, and Vici Gaming, which are still in the WePlay AniMajor.