DreamHack reveals 10 events in 2022 and plenty of esports tournaments

Dreamhack is one of the biggest names in esports, being one of the oldest and most prolific organizers of esports events. DreamHack is active in a lot of different esports, so it is always worth watching out for what they’re organizing in any given year. Making DreamHack is hitting the big time for a lot of games, and plenty get cut if they don’t hold the interest of esports fans. The DreamHack 2022 were announced last week and tickets are already on sale.

Dreamhack 2022 Calendar

Let’s have a good look at what are going to be the biggest games and tournaments next year. A total of 10 events are known for 2020, with 9 recently announced and Dreamhack Anaheim announced earlier.

Dreamhack 2022 Events

DreamHack has revealed their full slate of 2022 events that will take place. Although it is worth bearing in mind that plans can change quickly depending on how travel restrictions are implemented. Looking ahead though, it is great to get this clear view of everything happening in the year to come. These are the event going on with the DreamHack 2022 events:

1. DreamHack 2022 Anaheim

DreamHack Anaheim was announced earlier this year and is set to take place between February 11-13th at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is the first In-Person U.S. festival in two years and will feature events in both CS:GO, Halo and Fighting games. Tickets and event passes are already up for sale.

2. DreamHack 2022 Dallas

DreamHack Dallas is the second major event on the slate for 2022. This is going to be a multiple day event that will include a lot of games, but most notably Intel Extreme Masters. This is one of the biggest CSGO events. It is always important for fans and those looking at CSGO betting. It will be taking place June 3-5.

3. DreamHack Summer 2022

DreamHack Summer 2022 will host the ESL Pro League Conference. This event is going to be in Sweden, taking place June 18-21st.  The ESL is an important event here, but this is the big summer DreamHack 2022 event. So there will be plenty more games on offer at this DreamHack event alongside the ESL.

Dreamhack LAN

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4. DreamHack Rotterdam

The Rotterdam event will be held over October 14th – 15th. It will feature some major esports events alongside LAN events for games like CSGO, LoL, and Rocket League The Rotterdam event is going to be featuring a CSGO ESL Challenger as the main event though.

5. DreamHack 2022 Valencia  

This event will have a ESL Challenger going on, but also the Halo HCS Regional for the EU. This will be held July 1st-3rd. This is one of a few DreamHack events that are focusing quite a bit on the latest Halo release.

6. DreamHack Melbourne

Melbourne event will be featuring the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LSO) Finals alongside the Halo HCS Regional Tournament for the ANZ region. While we know quite a bit about what’s going on here, it isn’t going down until September 2nd-4th.

7. DreamHack 2022 Atlanta

The Atlanta DreamHack 2022 event has a few big tournaments going on. Although, the Fighting Games Championship is going to be important. This is set to feature some of the biggest fighting games, giving most titles their first big return to in-person events. The Atlanta event will be running from November 18th-20th.

8. DreamHack 2022 Winter

The main event at this one of the DreamHack 2022 events are going to be the ESL Pro League Conference alongside the summer installment. This is the second to last event, taking place in Sweden over November 26th-28th.

9. DreamHack Hydrabad

This is an Indian event taking place October 29th-31st. However, we don’t know too much about what will be going down at this event just yet.

10. DreamHack 2022 Madrid

This is the final DreamHack event for the season, it is taking place over December 9th-11th. As this is nearly a year away, not a whole lot is public about events right now.

Those are all of the 2022 events. There is a great spread of different genres and games going on here. There’s plenty on offer here. However, there are a few games that really stand out. While the return of fighting games in a big way is exciting, one title has a strong presence. Particularly, the fast rise of Halo is impressive. The HCS is going to be a major part of DreamHack in 2022, which is a strong showing for a game that could have been hit or miss.

These events are subject to changes over the course of the year. While it will be great to see all of these LAN events popping up, fans should watch out for changing travel restrictions before getting too hyped for any specific event here.

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