DH Masters SC2 Last Chance 2022 – Final ticket for ESL Pro Tour

StarCraft 2 is one of the longer-standing esports, but it still manages to fill out a full year with the constant events that are running. There are currently quite a few StarCraft 2 events still ongoing. The DH Masters Winter has now concluded, but across other areas of StarCraft 2 there’s still plenty of content going on. Even in the Premier height of the game, the top players are pretty busy. Coming up is the last call for players to join that highest tier of the game, with the StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022.

DH SC2 Masters

StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022

The StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022 is probably the biggest event on the horizon right now. This includes regional events for the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Further beyond that, you’ve then got the Last Chance in the opening weeks of 2022. These events are going to be running through 2022.

This circuit of events is set up to allow players to qualify for the ESL Pro Tour 2021/22 circuit. This is the top tier of StarCraft 2 esports so qualifying is definitely a big deal. These qualifiers give players who haven’t made the cut off in terms of their standing the chance to move on up to the top level. There is a regional event for each of the three regions, followed by the Last Chance qualifier which will be running for all the regions. This is how the event is going to work:

StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022 Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the DHM LC 2022 are going to be running throughout December. In the Americas it will be running December 18-19th, Europe will be running December 16th-17th, and Asia will be December 14th-15th. The first day is going to be an open qualifier. Players here will compete in Best of 3, in a single-elimination bracket. It will then be followed by some qualifying matches with best of five format, these will decide which top 16 players advance through to the closed qualifiers.

The second day of the event is going to be a bit different. There will be 16 invited players based on their standings from the EPT and the top 16 players from the open qualifiers. Everyone will compete together in a bigger double-elimination bracket. Matches are going to be held as best of three with best of five for the finals. Only the top eight players here will actually progress through to the main event and get a chance of joining the pro circuit.

This is a lot of rounds to get through if you want a chance at getting into the Pro League However, making it that much further makes a big difference. They’re going to be joining the top tier of StarCraft 2 players. That comes with a shot at major titles then.

Main Event – Last Chance 2022

The StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022 is still quite a bit away. However, the qualifier events are definitely getting out here now. It is due to go down on January 13th through to the 16th. There is going to be a pretty major break between the qualifiers and the Last Chance. A lot can change in the meantime.

The event is going to be played in a dual tournament format for the group stage. That’s 16 players divided up into 4 groups of 4. The matches are going to be best of three. Only the top 2 players from each of the groups heading into the playoffs. The playoffs will see 8 players compete in an elimination bracket. There will be best of five matches followed by a best of 7 final. There’s a top prize at this event of $10,000 with a total prize pool of $42,00. However, it is the spot in the pro league that is the real prize at stake here.

It is a little too early to look at predictions for the StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022. However, players that make themselves stand out are definitely going to look bright going into next season’s events. While there are a pretty established set of the top StarCraft 2 players, new blood always stands a good chance. So, keep an eye on the StarCraft 2 DHM Last Chance 2022 if you’re looking at StarCraft 2 betting for the next pro league.