DRX Reveal their Worlds 2022 Skin Picks

After the end of their fairytale, DRX players are ready to receive the biggest prize of their success, League of Legends skins for their champion choices. DRX players have announced which champions they want their skins to be released and here is the full list.

The Worlds 2022 Grand Finals hosted major competition between T1 and DRX. Both LCK representatives competed at the highest level possible to win this year’s title. DRX came from the play-in stage, grinding their way to top from bottom. With Zeka and Kingen’s insane efforts and team chemistry in general, DRX won the trophy, first time in franchise history. On the other side of the competition, Faker failed to reclaim his throne back, falling down 3-2 against the fellow LCK team, DRX, stunning the Worlds 2022 power ranking predictions.



The story behind the picks

Every year, the winner of the Worlds trophy gets to pick a champion that they want their special skin to be released. Some of the best skins in the game are LoL Worlds skins for most of the fans as Riot Games put effort into it and also they carry a meaning. Faker has done it several times and now it is time for his youngster competitor, Zeka.

DRX Worlds 2022 Skin Picks

  • Kingen – Aatrox
  • Pyosik – Kindred
  • Zeka – Akali
  • Deft – Caitlyn
  • BeryL – Not 100% but he is thinking about Ashe

Kingen had several ups and downs throughout the 2022 season but he finalized the year with a solid performance in the finals. He picked Aatrox twice during the grand final series and demolished his opponents with the champion. He even won the Finals MVP award, mainly thanks to his Aatrox performance. Secondly, Pyosik’s choice is Kindred, as expected. Before signing a professional contract, Pyosik used to be a one-trick Kindred player, so the champion has a big meaning for him. Zeka’s pick on the other hand is Akali. He picked the champion 6 times during Worlds 2022 and picked up 4 wins. His mechanics with the champion is insanely good and he obviously enjoys playing it.

With the biggest story behind the championship, Deft has chosen Caitlyn. His career started way back but his most-known champion back in the days was Jinx. After a long wait, Deft chose Caitlyn for his Worlds skin. Lastly, BeryL’s pick is still not clear. This will be his second Worlds skin as he had chosen Leona two years ago. Even though his pick is still not 100% clear, it might be Ashe, according to a small phrase of his words.

DRX outperformed everyone

DRX’s Worlds 2022 win showed every team that everything is possible. They weren’t the best team in LCK this season but somehow managed to make it to the Worlds stage. DRX was surely the best performing team during play-ins as expected but again majority of the people were not sure if they could move up to the playoffs. DRX took down Faker’s T1 to lift the trophy and proved everyone wrong. The story behind Deft’s trophy drought is also a one to be looked up to.

Finally, DRX’s win might be surprising for the LoL Worlds betting world but some of the players surely won more than usual with the unexpected result.