LoL Worlds Skins – All Worlds Championship Skins to Date

Worlds is the top competition in League of Legends and the dream of most LoL players. It’s not just the Summoner’s Cup itself that you end up with though. This competition at the end of each season will also decide which team gets the honor of being represented in-game with the LoL Worlds Skins. These commemorative skins are huge prizes in the game.

LoL Worlds skins are made up for the team that takes the top spot at Worlds. However, players have to participate in enough of the tournament first to make sure they’ve seriously contributed to the team. Outside of that, all the players get their own LoL Worlds Skins. In one case a coach even got a skin. It’s a great way of showing support for a player or team by picking up their skin in-game.

These are all of the LoL Worlds Skins, and what we can expect from them in the future.

LoL Worlds Skins

LoL Worlds Skins – Everything you need to know

The World Champions’ skin is on the rarer side. You can only pick them up following the World Championship each year. This makes them a fun thing to watch out for. Considering the first Worlds took place in 2011, we have plenty of Worlds skins already, to the point some champions have more than one. Since these are released each year, they’re a good way of seeing how things have developed in LoL esports.

What are Worlds Skins?

LoL Worlds Skins are cosmetics sold in-game to commemorate the winners of Worlds. Each year, these cosmetics are made themed around the winning team. They aren’t just tie-ins for Riot though. LoL Worlds winners receive all of the revenue from the skins. It’s essentially like paying for in-game merch for the team to commemorate how their performance at the Worlds Final.

The skins go further than just shoving a logo on a champion though. They aim to represent aspects of the team themselves. Often that includes making the Summoner’s Cup a bigger part of the game. Some teams and their skins are featured in the music videos for Worlds Songs on occasion.

Worlds Skins

Does anyone have two Worlds Skins?

Since the LoL Worlds skins go to the winners, you’re not always getting a different player. Some players have been part of the winning Worlds team more than once. These players have multiple skins representing them. T1 has the most Worlds skins as an organization, having had three different sets released marking each occasion.

Only one player has been part of two different organizations that have won the World Championship so far; Duke has twice won a skin. This was with SK T1, in 2016, and then a second time with Invictus Gaming in 2018. With its latest Worlds 2023 Championship, Faker will be the only player with 4 different skins.

Champions with multiple Worlds skins

Only two players have two skins thanks to multiple Worlds wins. However, a few champions have had more than one skin made because of a performance at LoL Worlds. These are all of the Champions who have had more than one appearance.

  • Ezreal – TPA in 2012 and SSG in 2017
  • Jarvan IV – Fnatic in 2011 and SSG in 2017
  • Jhin – SkT1 in 2016 and DWG 2020
  • Lee Sin – SKT1 in 2013, FPX in 2018, T1 in 2023 (yet to be released)
  • Rakan – SSG in 2017 and IG in 2018
  • Thresh – SSW in 2014 and FPX in 2019
  • Vayne – SKT1 in 2013 and FPX in 2019

Each of these has two, with the exception of Lee Sin who will be the first champion with three different skins. Some Champions are more popular in competitive so it’s natural to see some of them end up with more than one skin. That said, no champion has more than two. It will be interesting to see who will get it.

Who Gets LoL Worlds Skins?

The LoL Worlds Skins are awarded to the winning team, but there are a few more rules than that. Players have to be on the winning team and meet specific requirements to be eligible.

The rule is that the player must at least play two games and these need to be during play-in or group stag. On top of that, they must choose a champion they have played on Summoner’s Rift.

Only on one occasion, a coach was given a skin and that was when SKT T1 won their third championship. Kkoma was not given a champion skin. Instead, Riot pushed out a special SKT T1 Kkoma Ward skin. It was a one-off, though, and no other coach aside from him had received this treatment.

Which Teams Got Worlds Skins? – All LoL Worlds Skins so Far

The LoL Worlds skins go to the players who have cracked the very highest level of the game. This is a rare thing. However, quite a few players have racked up skins so far. These are all of the LoL Worlds skins that are part of the game at the moment and which team and Worlds they were awarded for.

Worlds 2011 – Fnatic LoL Worlds Skins

The first round of skins went out for Worlds 2011 but were released a few years delayed. These skins were for the first-ever LoL Worlds Champions, Fnatic:

  • xPeke – Karthus
  • Cyanide – Jarvan IV
  • Sushei – Gragas
  • Zealot – Corki
  • Mellisan – Janna

fnatic worlds skins

Worlds 2012 – TPA Skins

TPA grabed the top spot at the next Worlds. This was the first tournament that featured the Summoner’s Cup alongside the tournament awarding skins. This is really where Worlds became what it is today.

TPA won Worlds this year. There’s still one of the only winners in this region before a run of South-Korean teams began. These are all of the skins and players from this round of Worlds:

  • Stanley – Shen
  • Lilballz – Dr. Mundo
  • Toyz – Orianna
  • Baby – Ezreal
  • MiSTakE – Nunu

TPA Worlds Skins

SK T1 – LoL Worlds Skins 2013

The 2013 round of Worlds is the first win for SK T1. It isn’t going to be their last though. This is the start of one team’s dominance at Worlds. These are all of the LoL Worlds skins that came from this season:

  • Impact – Jax
  • bengi – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Zed
  • Piglet – Vayne
  • PoohManDu – Zyra

SKT 2013 Worlds Skins

Samsung White – LoL Worlds Skins 2014

The next year of Worlds had Samsung White take home the win. While this would prove just an interim between a bigger run, they had a great performance over Worlds. These are the skins they won with this round of the game:

  • Looper – Singed
  • Dandy – Rengar
  • PawN – Talon
  • Imp – Twitch
  • Kill – Thresh

SK T1 wins again in 2015 for second batch of LoL Worlds Skins

In 2015, SK T1 once again got to the top spot. They won back-to-back championships at Worlds. They also managed to get an extra skin this round too! The rules might be careful about whp qualifies, but an understudy managed to slip in here, making SKT the first team to win more LoL Worlds Skins. These are all of the skins that were awarded for this second year:

  • Marin – Renekton
  • Bengi – Elise
  • Faker – Ryze
  • Easyhoon – Azir
  • Bang – Kalista
  • Wolf – Alistar

T1 Skins Worlds 2015

SK T1 two-peat Worlds 2016 set

This was definitely a record-breaking year. The achievement was so big that Riot event threw in one extra skin. The coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun was given a ward skin alongside these skins:

  • Duke – Ekko
  • Bengi – Olaf
  • Blank – Zac
  • Daker – Syndra
  • Bang – Jhin
  • Wolf – Nami

SKT T1 2016 Skins

Samsung Galaxy  – LoL Worlds Skins 2017

In 2017, SK T1’s run over Worlds was finally ended. Samsung Galaxy won this year’s event. They beat out SK T1 with a 3-0 win to cement themselves as the new top team in the game. 2017 also saw some Champions getting their second Worlds skins for the first time. These are the skins that got awarded this year:

  • CuVee – Gnar
  • Ambition – Jarvan
  • Haru – Ezreal
  • Crown – Taliyah
  • Ruler – Xayah
  • CoreJJ – Rakan

SSG 2017 Worlds Skins

Invictus Gaming – Worlds 2018

2018’s Finale saw Invictus Gaming face off against Fnatic. They cleared the final with a strong 3-0 run. This broke the streak for South Korean teams taking complete dominance at Worlds. These are the skins that were included this time.

  • Duke – Irelia
  • TheShy – Fiora
  • Ning – Camille
  • Rookie – LeBlanc
  • JackieLove – Kai’Sa
  • Baolan – Rakan

Invictus Gaming IG Worlds Skins

FunPlus Phoenix Skins from Worlds 2019

The 2019 round for Worlds saw a change in the balance of power with FunPhoenix having a smooth ride through to the title. This is the second for China, establishing a bit of a pattern after Invictus Gaming took the win. These are the skins that were awarded for this year:

  • GimGoon – Gangplank
  • Tian – Lee Sin
  • DoinB – Malphite
  • Lwx – Vayne
  • Crisp – Thresh

FPX Worlds Skins

Damwon – LoL Worlds Skins 2020

The 2020 round of Worlds returned the title to South Korea. This time Damwon came in first at Worlds. These skins had some inspiration from Greek Gods. These are LoL Worlds Skins this time:

  • Nuguri – kennen
  • Canyon – Nidalee
  • ShowMaker – Twster Fate
  • Ghost – Jhin
  • Beryl – Leona

DWG Damwon Worlds Skins

EDG Worlds 2021 skin set

The 2021 Worlds LoL skins went to EDG after their victory in the tournament. The skins kept to the dragon theme from the team. This made for some interesting designs. The skins were:

  • Flandre – Graves
  • Scout – Zoe
  • Jiejie – Viego
  • Meiko – Yuumi
  • Viper – Aphelios

EDG Worlds 2021 Skins

DRX Worlds 2022 skin set

The 2022 Worlds LoL skins were given to DRX after their incredible run which saw them climb from the play-in stage all the way to the title. Similar to EDG’s, DRX kept the white and blue color pattern which represents the organization’s own brand. The skins were:

  • Kingen – Aatrox
  • Pyosik – Kindred
  • Juhan – Maokai
  • Zeka – Akali
  • Deft – Caitlyn
  • BeryL – Ashe

Image Credits | Riot Games

T1 Worlds 2023 skin set

T1 won the 2023 World Championship which means the five players will be able to get their hands on a Worlds skin. For Faker, this will be the fourth Worlds skin he gets. During the press conference, T1 players were asked about which champion they would choose. Below are the answers:

  • Zeus – Jayce/Yone
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Mid – Faker – Hasn’t chosen yet (it will be one between Azir, Orianna, Sylas, Ahri, and Akali)
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Keria – Bard/Renata Glasc (wanted Lux but he didn’t get to play her at Worlds)

The certain ones are Oner and Gumayusi while the other three are still yet to confirm their choice.

When to expect Worlds 2023 skins release?

The next batch of LoL Worlds Skins will probably take a while since they are usually released the following year. Back in 2022, the DRX skins came around May, around half a year after the team won the title. To see the Worlds 2023 T1 skins, fans will likely have to wait until around the mid-part of 2024.