EA bans over 150 FIFA players from FGS and other esports competition

FIFA Esports witnesses a huge ban wave in the past few days. As the competitive arena of the game grew, EA Games (the producer of the game) began to take tougher and faster decisions against the irregularities and rule violations made. EA announced that more than 150 players have been banned from competition for different periods of time, along with a statement shared on its website.

EA Bans Over 150 Competitive Players from FGS

Players signed to the EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series Rulebook, to compete in the EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series. The company said that verified players should have a higher standard than other players. It also underlined that otherwise they would face higher-than-normal penalties.

Let’s look at some players who violated the rules and why they were penalized.

Canel_10_FSV receives permanent ban

The first penalty came to Canel_10_FSV. Canel was banned for a racist statement he used in the argument with Cosmin, who played for the Romanian National Team and Zeal 22 team.

As a result, the player is disqualified from all EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series competition and any future events scheduled beyond this season — effective immediately. “The player is disqualified in response to public comments that targeted a player with hate speech.”

SanchezIsGoat sheds light on issues with the Bulgarian scene

Another player affected by EA’s ban hammer is SanchezIsGoat. Unlike other players, Sanchez is suspended for two full years(730 days) from EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series events, qualifiers and associated events -including partner events- during the period of suspension. According to the statement, the Bulgarian player faced a ban due to his behavior during the eFirst League competition.

“Any action or agreement to disadvantage other Players, one’s own Team, or other Teams in the Competition, to predetermine the outcome of a match, to try to lose a match, to affect the fairness of the Competition, or to limit efforts to win a match is strictly prohibited.” EA said.

However, Sanchez denied this accusation with a twitlonger he shared on Twitter. Additionally, he blamed DrNw for “being the golden boy of the community” and claimed that whatever DrNw says it’s happening momentarily. You can read the whole statement from here:

Another Bulgarian professional player Marto_Petkov14 is also suspended due to the same reason as Sanchez. But, he hasn’t made any comment regarding the ban.

Coin trading ruined 150 players

Selling or buying in-game coins in exchange for real money is quite popular in FIFA. But the action itself is forbidden by EA. After the investigation, over 150 FGS Competitive Players were found guilty for this action and banned for one full year from all FGS events.

“Selling, buying, trading or otherwise transferring or offering to transfer an EA account, any personal access to EA services, or any EA content associated with an EA account, including EA virtual currency and other entitlements, either within an EA service or on a third-party website, or in connection with any out-of-game transaction, unless expressly authorized by EA” the company explained the rule.

You can find all banned players from here.

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