Epic bans Russian players from receiving Fortnite prizes  

This week, Epic Games have announced that they will be shutting down cash Fortnite tournaments for all players in Russia. The change will freeze tournaments that are played for actual cash for everyone living in the region. However, this doesn’t mean that Fortnite tournament as a whole will be vanishing.

Although, Epic banning Russian cash Fortnite prizes is definitely going to have an effect on the game; this is how it’s going to work and what’s changed.

Epic Bans Russian Cash Fortnite Prizes

Epic Games have this week released a statement addressing the future of Fortnite tournaments in Russia. They are joining with a growing number of companies to stop some services within Russia. Epic Games will be stopping running in-game cash tournaments for Russia for the foreseeable future. This won’t discontinue all tournaments or even all prizes, just those that are giving out cash specifically.

Epic Games are far from the first company to reduce their esports offerings within the country. Many games have discontinued their tournaments within Russia in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine in recent weeks. Others have gone further and flat out banned all Russian players, irrelevant of where they actually live now.

It is worth bearing in mind that Epic didn’t have much of a choice in this decision. It seems that their payment providers will no longer be operating in the country, forcing the developer to discontinue Russian cash Fortnite prizes. Many have read their slightly ambiguous statement as a less than enthusiastic approach to shutting down their offerings in the country.

Fortnite in Russia

The news that Epic has banned Russian cash Fortnite prizes probably has players assuming the game is running differently in the region, but this isn’t actually the end of tournaments. Fortnite will still be operating tournaments as normal in Russia, but without the cash prizes. Some tournaments will still be awarding prizes too.

Fortnite tournaments run regularly that offer non-cash prizes. These can be Hype events that award points, but more notably in-game cosmetics. Regular tournaments are run to tie-in with more notable skin releases. Players get a free cosmetic if they place well in the tournament. These tournaments will still be running in Russia and still awarding prizes. However, cosmetics are going to be the limit for prizes in Fortnite at the moment.

Fortnite is one of the most notable esports games out there in terms of how often they hold tournaments. Regular cash cups make sure that players are never very far away from a tournament with a cash prize. Epic banning Russian cash Fortnite prizes is removing quite a lot of competitive events from the calendar in that region. Although the major FNCS has just concluded. It’s unclear how long it’ll run for, but it is likely to stretch into the upcoming Chapter 3 Season 2.