Faker Considering Options from Multiple LCS Teams

It is reported that the best League of Legends player of all time for many authorities, Lee “Faker “Sang-hyeok, has been considering multiple options from LCS teams.

Faker is one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time, the best for many fans and authorities. He built a dynasty at T1 as he has been playing for the organization for many years now.

Faker Could be Leaving T1

Faker and T1 have always been a duo that is inseparable and won many trophies in history. However, a report from Alejandro Gomis of Blix.gg has signaled a possible breakup of T1 and the legendary mid laner. Multiple LCS teams are interested in signing the South Korean player, including FlyQuest and Team Liquid. Moreover, it is stated in the report that Team Liquid even made an official offer to the player. The report also mentions that there is a strong chance that he will remain with T1 and not move to North America.

Faker Worlds 2022

@ Faker

Faker’s professional gaming career started way back in 2013, under the T1 roof. He first played for SK Telecom T1 2 for 9 months and SK Telecom T1 until 2019. Throughout this time, Faker won many LCK trophies, including three Worlds trophies, making him the most successful League of Legends player of all time. He also won two MSI trophies back in 2016 and 2017. Despite having little ups and downs in his career, even in his ninth season, Faker still found a way to reach the Worlds Grand Final. His work ethic, talent, and performance are always appreciated by the majority of the community.

Multiple Offers on the Table

Team Liquid signed Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan as its new head coach for the LCS 2023 season. MaRin used to be one of the most respected top laners of all time and came out of retirement to coach the Liquid roster in the upcoming season. According to the report, Team Liquid actually made an offer to Faker, and MaRin’s arrival might be very useful to convince the South Korean mid laner. MaRin and Faker used to be teammates back in the day and they were a part of the Worlds-winning SK Telecom T1 roster.

Even though FlyQuest had interest and Team Liquid actually did make an offer for Faker, he will most likely stay in South Korea and play for T1. In his previous deal with the organization, he was also given some shares of the team and if he decides to leave the organization, then he may need to sell or get rid of his T1 shares as it was what happened with TSM and Bjergsen.

The deal looks off as Faker’s journey to North America might be very interesting and exciting. However, anything is possible if we consider the economical and MaRin factor. If Faker wants to win more Worlds trophies it would of course be best for him to stay with South Korea. He is the only player on the Worlds 2022-finalist T1 roster whose contract will end today. The other four will most likely stick with the team as they have one more year on their contracts. If Faker joins LCS for next season, then the odds of Team Liquid matches will be much different than before for sure.

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