Lúcio, Gomez, Touré – Hero Cards to try In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 launched Hero cards to add a bit more spice to the team builder aspect. While being similar to ICONS they have their card design and certain features that are exclusive to them. Due to this exclusivity, every time a new player is announced it comes with a lot of hype and speculation. Mainly on FIFA23 it’s the card stats as well as the position the card will play in.

Within this article, we will be looking at some Hero Cards one must try within FIFA 23.

FUT Hero Cards to try FIFA 23

Hero Cards In FUT you should definitely try

Heroes are unique cards seen in FIFA Ultimate Team that feature illustrious retired footballers who excelled at the club level and established themselves as top-tier players in their leagues. These special editions are quite helpful for FUT team construction because they provide players in the same league more chemistry. As such while being exclusive to a particular league of football, they are very much different from Icons.

Icons provide certain chemistry to each player within the players starting 11. Each of the cards is of certain legends of a particular league. While it could be the countless moment of spectacular talent the player can provide at a pivotal moment. Or it could even be the number of goals they have scored during their life as a footballer. Let’s have a look at some of the players one can try in FIFA 23.

Yaya Touré -87- CDM

The first player on our list is Yaya Toure. The Côte d’Ivoire Legend had been one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. While his time at Manchester City would be considered to be his prime. The player was all in all amazing while playing in the title-winning team. In short to give a brief about the player, at the start of the match he can play the attacking midfielder role, especially with lengthy being added. After the team has scored around 2 goals, he will then transition to a more defensive role in the team. What has also helped in most games is the amount of fluidity one had around him. His card has this same fluidity shown in him by having 4-star skill moves as well as a weak foot. His key stats will be his 89 physical as well as his 83 passing. While also having insane stamina at 94.

Currently, the Hero Yaya Toure card is valued at 1,210,000 coins in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Market.

Mario Gomez -88- ST

The next player who is on our list is none other than Mario Gomez. Majorly known for his amazing tenure in the german national team, the player was an amazing striker. While being clinical in front of the goal, it was his versatility that helped him be the player who is remembered today. The shocking part about his hero is that he is valued at just 79,000 coins in the market. His key stats would be his 90 shooting as well as 83 physical. While also rocking the lengthy ACCElerate running technique in-game. One must note that he has only 80 stamina which does indicate that the player will be needed to be subbed off early.

Another element of his card one must remember is his 91-head accuracy. Due to crossing being so important within the current meta. Having a player who can score headers is quite crucial. He performs exceptionally in FIFA 4-2-3-1 formation.

Lucimar Da Silva Ferreira -89- CB

The last card from the promo is the Brazilian legend Lucimar. While his 6’2” stature is anything but short the player was quite immense in his prime. Having a look at his stats you can see the high defensive work rate which is quite crucial for a central defender. While the 82 paces on his card will not allow most players to get past him in a sprint. His key stats are mainly his 91 defending as well as his 89 physical in-game. Due to his card being so balanced and with the power header trait he can easily play a bit higher to start the attack. Tho is the league is the Seria A this will be a hindrance to building chemistry.

Currently, players are leaning more toward the premier league due to the number of good players that are available in the league. Due to his defensive stats being nearly 90 in each stat (Interceptions 90, Heading Accuracy 92, Def. Awareness 91, Standing Tackle 91), he can be the one player who can be used until the end of the game. The only thing to note is that he is valued at 580,000 coins. Due to this, it would make more sense to get a baby icon at the same price.