All You Need to Know About the Brawlhalla Spring Royale

Things are heating up in Brawlhalla right now with the latest seasonal Royale just around the corner. The Brawlhalla Spring Royale is a huge international tournament, to close off the entire season’s worth of Brawlhalla competition. It’s starting up this weekend, hot off the heals of the Spring Championship and Brawlhalla at DH San Diego. This event features the top players internationally competing.

This is how the Brawlhalla Spring Royale is going to work, which are the top players to watch, and how you can follow the action along at home.

Brawlhalla Spring Royale

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla Spring Royale

The Brawlhalla Spring Royale is the conclusion of the tournaments we’ve seen over the Spring for the game. Here, we’re going to see the top players from each of the regional events come together for a LAN bracket to find the top player of the season.

The Spring Royale is coming at the end of this stage for Brawlhalla esports, just after the Spring Championship. It’s looking to be a close event, with only the top active players earning an invite. Across the tournament, there’s a prize pool of $5,000 at stake alongside the title of essentially winning this season for Brawlhalla.

Who is Playing at the Spring Royale?

The Brawlhalla Spring Royale has a roster made up of only the top players. It’s an eight-player invitational. We’re going to see the top 3 players from the North American region for the Spring Championship, along with Europe. They’ll be joined by the top 2 players from South America. All of these players are meeting in Atlanta to fight the Spring Royale.

These are all of the players who have earned an invite to the tournament.

Brawlhalla Spring Royale

Source: Blue Mammoth Games


The Spring Royale is essentially an end of season event. The format for the tournament isn’t as complicated as the wider competitions. It starts with a round robin bracket stage. The top four players from this then compete in a Double Elimination bracket.

The rules for the tournament are pretty standard for Brawlhalla esports. There’s also an additional rule though. Thea the Speedster is still not allowed at competitive events for this stage, they’re too new.

Since there’s two stages and double elimination, but only eight players taking part, we’re going to see most players get a decent shot at the title.

How to Watch the Brawlhalla Spring Royale

The Brawlhalla Spring Royale is going to take place over the weekend, Friday April 28-30. It’s the concluding tournament for the Spring IN Brawlhalla. If you want to watch along, it’s being shown on the official Brawlhalla Twitch.

This might be the conclusion for Spring in official Brawlhalla events, but there’s loads more coming up. The next season starts pretty soon. We’ve also got third party tournaments like the Lost kingdom Series kicking off. There’s more than ever going on for Brawlhalla right now!

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