EVO 2020 Schedule: the next EVO is coming to Vegas

Fighting games may not be at the top of the esports world, but they have a sizable and dedicated following. The biggest event series in the circuit is definitely the EVO competitions. Short for Evolution Championship Series, these events always pack a punch. The EVO 2020 schedule has been released, along with some juicy details about what’s coming.

EVO 2020 Schedule

The Evo 2020 Schedule and Trailer

Just a few days ago, the official EVO 2020 trailer was released – it shows us some pretty important info. First off, when the EVO 2020 is taking place – between July 31st and August 2nd of this year. Another important question answered is about where the EVO 2020 is happening.

It’s in a familiar place – the Mandalay hotel in Las Vegas. Fans will already know all about this – it’s where the last few Vegas-based events also took place. This years EVO 2020 dates mark the 22nd iteration of the event series.

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The Evo 2020 Lineup

There are several games that will be featured at this year’s competition – the main headliners are, of course, the top titles of the fighting game world. Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 2, SoulCalibur VI, Under Night In-Birth, Dragonball Fighter Z, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Samurai Shodown are the biggest ones there.

The exact EVO 2020 Schedule featuring each of the tournaments and competitions isn’t available yet – when it will be, we’ll also know the details of just what sort of price pools the competitors will be fighting over.

In the meantime, players can already register for the events if they want to – the reservations for the hotel are also already open. Like in previous years, the organisers booked a contingent of rooms in the Mandalay Bay hotel for guests and players to stay in. You’ll be able to book your own rooms of course, but booking through the official sites can get you a slightly reduced rate.

If you don’t want to participate, you’ll still be able to watch the event online of course – there will be streams you can watch. Once again, more details will be released closer to the event. You can always check the official website for more details as the actual event draws closer.

Remember that if you want to attend the EVO 2020, you’ll have to secure your tickets soon, or you might not get any – this is even more true for the hotel rooms around those dates! If you can’t make it to the Las Vegas EVO though, you have another chance.

Other events

In addition to the big event in Vegas, the EVO series also includes some other events – most notably, the Evo Japan 2020. Unsurprisingly based in Japan, this event focuses on fighting games in Asia, and it’s a must-visit for all fans in the area. Like in previous years, the Japan event will see similar titles played and featured, but later in the year.

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