Harley MultiVersus Combos, Tricks and Strategies to Win

MultiVersus has loads of fun characters in its roster, but Harley Quinn is definitely up there in power. She frequently sits towards the top of most MultiVersus tier lists. If you’re looking for a character to main, this Harley Quinn MultiVersus guide can show why her kit is worth delving into.

MultiVersus Harley Quinn has been rising in strength with recent patches. Her kit has great combo potential and some of the more fun mechanics in the game. It’s some of the most fun in the game to play and is pretty favoured by the current balance.

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide

This is what you need to know from a Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide. Like the key strategies to use here, best moves to master, confirming knockouts, and Harley MultiVersus combos.

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide – Moves and Kit

In MultiVersus, Harley Quinn is a vertical character. MultiVersus breaks its roster down between horizontal and vertical, so jumps and aerial moves are definitely the focus. However, the character is incredibly lightweight which really makes her fly. She’s easy to knock around and easy to get off the platform. Pay attention to recovery. Of which she has plenty of kit but also the moves to turn an attack in the air into a kill.

Harley Quinn is something of a glass cannon. You can deal damage from most different positions, however, get knocked too much and you’re going to break. She’s too light for a lot of games.

These are the Harley Quinn MultiVersus moves:

Whack – Neutral Attack
Clown Combo – Front Attack
Head Ups! – Up Attack
Slider –Down Attack
Stuffie Bat – Neutral Special
Prank Shot – Front Special
Batter Up! – Up Special
Jack-in-the-Box – Down Specials

Aerial Pummeler – Neutral Air
Flying Kicks – Front Attack Air
Confetti Grenade – Up Attack Air
Boxing Ringer – Down Attack Air
Stuffle Bat – Neutral Special Air
Prank Shot – Front Special Air
Batter Up! – Up Special Air
Jack-in-the-Box – Down Special Air

If you’d need a visual MultiVersus Harley Quinn guide for each move, you can see each in action here.

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Tips and Tricks

We’ll get into greater detail like strategy and MultiVersus Harley combos below, but if you just want some quick tips, this Harley Quinn MultiVersus guide to tips can be a good start.

  • Edge Guarding – Harley has some of the best skills here, make use of her kit whenever an opponent is recovering.
  • Verticality – Most of Harley’s kill moves involve following up in the air. Get comfortable chasing verticality when enemies are on higher damage and you’ll be getting early kills.
  • Sticky Projectiles – Harley’s neutral special sticks to enemies, try to utilize this whenever available.
  • Zoning – Zoners might be irritating, but it’s an effective strategy. Use projectiles and the jack in the box to control the flow of enemy players on the map. If they try to go where they want, they’ll get hit by one.

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide to Strategy

Harley has a major mobility advantage thanks to her lightweight. This makes one play style really useful for her kit, engaging and evading.

Defence with Harley Quinn means making use of the various projectile and distance attacks she has. You need to set up jack-in-the-boxes around the map to lay traps for later to zone enemies away. Push people back with Prank Shot. Use Stuffie Bats to attach to players too. There are key tools.

Harley’s MultiVersus moves like Clown Combo, Sider, and flying kicks all work great for knocking an opponent up and getting them into the air. From here you can start throwing out aerials and detonating Confetti Grenades upward. There’s some combo potential here we’ll get to further down too, and most start with getting players into the air.

Harley has great edge-guarding potential with all of her kit too, especially with her jack0=-in-the-box and aerial moves to take out those attempting at getting back on the map from the air. These spikes to enemies attempting to recover are tricky to master, but they are really what will elevate you as a Harley player. Plus, these high-risk-reward plays look amazing to anyone watching you.

MultiVersus Harley Quinn Guide – Getting the Knockout & Defence

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide

Harley is a more vertical character, and her vertical moves are some of your best for getting knockouts. Opponents at decently high percentages are going to be easy to blow out once you land confetti stacks on them. Then hitting them with aerial tilts is going to get them a stock down.

Harley’s strategy, while you’re in control, is getting your opponents up in the air before getting the kill. That’s where she’s strongest. However, there are strategies for when you’re not on the attack too.

While she can easily manoeuvre in the air and get away from enemies, it has downsides. Her hitbox is also on the smaller side. This really makes her a perfect fit if you’re looking to evade getting hit entirely. You’re very fragile so be careful. A Harley Quinn MultiVersus guide really has to acknowledge how fragile the character is.

Use Harley’s mobility to get away from enemies who get too close. Knowing match-ups can help here, but really most bruisers need to be kept at bay. Use your ranged tools and Jack in the Boxes set up around the map, but also take advantage of how mobile Harley is to keep away. Characters like Batman in MultiVersus can do a lot of damage if they get close enough.

Harley is so light it’s quite easy for a heavy-hitting bruiser to get her to knocking percentages once they have an opening. Use these tools to stop them from getting that opening.

Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide

Harley MultiVersus Combos

MultiVersus Harley Quinn is an assassin type, they’re fast which makes them perfect for running combos. These are some of the best Harley MultiVersus combos:

  • Jab + Jab + Jab + Down Tilt – Cancel out of the Animation at the end, use this to add more options to jabs.
  • Jab + Jab + Jab + Up Tilt + Up Air
  • Ground Special + Ground Special Side + Ground Attack Up + Aerial Up
  • Ground Side Attack + Ground Side + Ground Side +Ground Down + Ground Neutral

While they can be tricky, they’re also one of the best ways to play. She’s one of the best characters out there if you like to get stuck with a good combo. However, some do have more complicated setups.  Combos are an area where it’s often good to have a visual tool, this video lays out some of the key combos to master. You’ll have to spend some time in practice mode to really get them down too.

That’s the basics of playing well as Harley Quinn MultiVersus! There is loads of space to grow with this character though. She is consistently high-tier and has great potential for you to continue to level up your gameplay. Keep an eye on the MultiVersus patch notes though. Developers have already changed her a fair bit so you’ll want to pay attention to future changes that impact how the character plays.