March MultiVersus Updates – Patch 1.22 Changes

New MultiVersus updates have started for March. There are a few new changes coming but nothing in the way of events and characters so far. MultiVersus Update 1.22 is our first for March and things have slowed down a little bit. This is largely moving things around with some minor alterations. You aren’t going to find huge sweeping changes to every character.

This update also doesn’t feature a new event, character, or big addition. Usually, MultiVersus has had something new to show with each of the updates. Characters being added to the MultiVersus roster have already slowed down considerably, but the MultiVersus 1.22 update does have a few alterations that will change how you play each character.

These are all of the alterations with patch 1.22, and when we can expect more substantial additions to the game.

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.22

  • Null tier removed from Ranked mode on PlayStation.
  • Bots that substitute a disconnected player will no longer be invulnerable.
  • Superman’s sniper punch replication bug has been fixed.
  • Morty’s recall invincibility removed

As you can tell, this has been a pretty minor patch. Is this a sign of things to come from the game though?

Are MultiVersus Updates Slowing Down?

Updates to the MultiVersus game do seem to have gotten slower this year. The original promise of new characters every few weeks is a long way off right now, as is the old commitment to free character rotation changes. The game is barely getting content every month and Season 3 is still quite a while away.

MultiVersus has definitely dropped off in terms of player count since it launched. More recently, new owners at Warner Bros seem to have added even more uncertainty to the game. For now, MultiVersus devs still seem committed to the game even at a reduced pace. It looks like the MultiVersus updates might not be flying into the game as they used to though.

When Will MultiVersus Get Its Next Update?

The next MultiVersus update with a substantial batch of new content will probably be Season 3. This was originally supposed to launch February 14th. However, it has had some delays. It’s not going to be launching towards the end of march or potentially later.

Hopefully, MultiVersus updates will return strong with Season 3. We do seem to be in a bit of a lull until then though. Fans will have to wait and see when the next update hits and what it brings to the game.

MultiVersus ValentiNeon Update

The second big update of 2023 is here with the ValentiNeon event! This one of the MultiVersus updates is a major change for February. There’s a new event with Valentine’s themed content, but also more general changes to how characters handle that you’ll need to look through if you want to stay on top of everything. Most characters have had big alterations, including Batman in MultiVersus going 2D!

These are all of the big changes in the MultiVersus ValentiNeon update.

ValentiNeon – MultiVersus Updates

MultiVersus Updates - ValentiNeon

This is a new update for MultiVersus in 2023 and a new event.

If you can log in for the full 30 days of the event, you’ll get rewards for each time you get into the game. These are candy hearts. It’s a new currency which you can use in a special event shop. These are the new cosmetics that you can find in the Candy Shop.

You can earn Candy Hearts through login rewards. Although, there are other ways to get them through playing the game during this one of the MultiVersus updates. This is a breakdown of how you can get Candy Hearts.

  • 100 Candy Hearts – Your first daily win.
  • 15 Candy Hearts – For each toast that you get.

In Singles and FTA

  • 20 Candy Hearts – Each 1s Win
  • 10 Candy Hearts – 1s Loss
  • 40 Candy Hearts – 1s Win as ValentiNeon Variant
  • 20 Candy Hearts – 1s Loss as a ValentiNeon Variant

In Teams and Silly Queue

  • 20 Candy Hearts – 2s Win
  • 40 Candy Hearts – 2s Win as ValentiNeon Variant
  • 10 Candy Hearts – 2s Loss
  • 20 Candy Hearts – 2s Loss as ValentiNeon Variant

That’s how you can get the currency in this new one of the MultiVersus updates. What can you spend them on though? There are quite a few prizes in the MultiVersus shop that you can redeem.

  • Feel the Beast Emote Sticker – 500 Candy Hearts
  • Lovestorm Banner – 750 Candy Hearts
  • ValentiNeon Surge Profile Icon – 1,000 Candy Hearts
  • Small Battle Pass Boost – 1,500 Candy Hearts
  • Medium Battle Pass Boost – 6,000 Candy Hearts
  • Heart of Kahndaq Pass Boost – 6,000 Candy Hearts
  • Aphrodite’s Blessing Wonder Woman Variant – 14,000 Candy Hearts

MultiVersus Updates - ValentiNeon

If you log in for most of the event, then you can get yourself enough candy hearts to get most of these rewards. You’ll need to prioritize though if you only log in for a few days of the tournament ValentiNeon event though.

New Game Mode in ValentiNeon MultiVersus Updates – Heart Breaker

This one of the MultiVersus updates includes a brand-new Silly Queue game mode! It’s based around Valentine’s day with unique rules that should make it more fun.

This is how the new mode is going to work.

  • Heart collectables spawn around the Battlefield.
  • Collect the hearts, when you hit the max stack you’ll be able to use the Heart Wave Attack which deals a lot of damage to players around you.
  • Knockback makes you lose a heart.

Ranked Mode Returns

The MultiVersus Ranked Mode is making a return with this update! It’s coming back so players can once again see how they stack up against the other players out there. Ranked Mode is a great pick if you’re focusing on perfecting characters high in the MultiVersus tier list. This has come back with the recent MultiVersus updates with these changes.

  • Duplicate character teams aren’t allowed anymore. Teammates must select unique characters.
  • Map Pools for Ranked mode are now in the game. Only select maps are useable, all with their hazards disabled. These are the available maps for players in this update.

2v2 Maps

  • Batcave
  • Cromulons
  • Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (No Roof)
  • Sky Arena
  • Sky Arena Platforms
  • Throne Room
  • Trophy’s E.D.G.E

1v1 Maps

  • Batcave
  • Cromulons (1v1)
  • Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (No Roof)
  • Sky Arena (1v1)
  • Sky Arena Platforms
  • Throne Room
  • Trophy’s E.D.G.E

During this VeltniNeon Event, you’ll also earn new candy hearts for progressing up the MultiVersus ranked tiers. So get to work if you want to maximise your rewards for climbing the ranks.

Controller Options on PC

MultiVersus crossplay means players on all platforms get to play, but this new feature is PC exclusive. Players on Steam are going to be able to start using keyboards for the game natively! This should help to expand the number of players who can jump into the game with this MultiVersus update. This is how you can set it up.

  • Rick click MultiVersus in your Steam library
  • Select Properties
  • Type “-multikeyboard” into the launch options.

The Controller options enable you to play multiplayer with multiple keyboards too. Players can do multiplayer all on one PC with just keyboards now!

MultiVersus Updates – New Shop Items

As usual, there are some new additions to the shop with this MultiVersus update. Players can get some cool Valentine’s themed skins with the latest event. These are some of the new items added

  • Love Storm Banners
  • ValetiNeon Surge Banners
  • Power of Love Banners
  • Cupid’s Volley Banners
  • A Knight to Remember Batman Variant
  • Heart of Kahndaq Black Adam Variant
  • True Kinda Love Garnet Variant
  • Love Rave Harley Quinn Variant
  • Galactic Romance Marvin Variant
  • Love Struck Superman Variant
  • Dimension of Love Shaggy Variant (Free with Daily Rewards)
  • ValentiNeon Velma Variant
  • Aphrodite’s Blessing Wonder Woman Variant

Space Jam Variants

MultiVersus Updates - ValentiNeon

As well as the new Valentine’s Day skins, there are some cool new looks coming to one special calendar. There are new Space Jam variants coming! These include two different versions of Marvin, one from the ’96 movie and one from a more recent film.

Gameplay Changes in MultiVersus Updates

The MultiVersus updates aren’t just new content, there are some meaningful changes to how things work in-game too. These are all of the differences to be aware of when jumping in.

  • 2D Hitboxes – Some characters are moving to 2D hitboxes from 3D to better reflect their design.
  • Attack Decay – VFX will now change to grey to indicate attack decay.
  • Dodge Meter – This is visible for every player.
  • Dodge Jumps – Dodge jumps now remove invulnerability at the start of the jump.
  • Invulnerability – Getting this from more than one source will now stack properly.

Perk Changes

  • Aerial Acrobat – Air acceleration reduced to 5% unstacked and 10% stacked
  • Snowball Effect – Additional damage increased to 10% unstacked and 20% stacked.
  • School Me Once… – Light projectiles won’t affect this anymore.

Character Changes

Whether you’re playing as Shaggy or Harley Quinn, you’ll need to keep an eye on patch notes for your specific character. They get reworked quite a bit over time. If you’re not paying attention to how things change you could be caught out. These are the changes for this one of the MultiVersus updates.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Air/Ground Side Special – The dagger will now vanish if an enemy is rung out with a dagger attached.


  • 2D Hitbox added
  • Air Up Special – Active frame window is 2 frames delayed
  • Ground Down Special – Smoke screen doesn’t slow enemies in the smoke anymore.
  • Air Down Attack – Active frame window delayed by 2 frames and ends 1 frame earlier.
  • Air Down Attack – Batman’s foot no longer has a hurtbox in this attack.
  • Ground Down Attack – 5 frames of whiff lag added.

Black Adam

  • 2D Hitbox enabled
  • Weight down to 72
  • Ground Neutral Special – Cooldown increased to 18 seconds.
  • Air/Ground Up Attack – VFX shortened closer to active hitbox window
  • Air Neutral Attack – Hitbox is added a frame earlier
  • Ground Side Attack – Jab 3 will now delay

Bugs Bunny

  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Safe lifetime now 14 seconds
  • Ground Side Attack – Second jab knockback increased


  • Weight down to 49 from 51
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Active hitbox window starts a frame later and ends a frame later
  • Air/Ground Side Special – Projectile shield is active 4 frames less in the ground version.
  • Air Down Special – Gem can be destroyed by melee attacks and costs 200 gold
  • Air Neutral Attack – No longer destroys some projectiles


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air Up Special – Active Hitbox window begins 4 frames earlier
  • Ground Up Special – On-cooldown version hit 1 into 2 adjusted and hitstun increased.
  • Air Up Attack – Hitbox window starts 2 frames earlier
  • Air Side Attack – Hitbox window starts 2 frames earlier
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitbox window starts 2 frames earlier
  • Ground Side Attack – Jab 2 more consistent


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Music notes now interact with projectiles
  • Air Side Special – Whiff recovery up by 12 frames
  • Air Up Attack – Hitbox frames start a frame earlier
  • Air Down Attack – Active Hitbox frames will start two frames later for third kick
  • Ground Up Attack – Popcorn won’t be destroyed from light projectiles
  • Ground Down Attack – Hitbox adjusted, piano knockback hits diagonally


Harley Quinn MultiVersus Guide

  • 2D Hitbox
  • New hitboxes for bat and hammer attacks
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Bomb no longer ice-proof
  • Air Neutral Attack – Removed hitboxes
  • Air Side Attack – Active window starts a frame earlier on third kick
  • Ground Neutral Attack – Hitbox removed and active hitbox window starts 2 frames later.
  • Ground Up Attack – Vacuum on first 3 hits when fully charged
  • Ground Side Attack – Jab 3 cancels into 4 a frame earlier
  • Ground Down Attack – Slide can cancel into other moves


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Weight reduced to 59
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Startup frames increased, movement speed decreased, whiff recovery increased, and hitbox size decreased
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Attack doesn’t destroy projectiles anymore
  • Air Side Attack – Hitbox removed on arm
  • Air Neutral Attack – Active hitbox window delayed by 3 frames
  • Air up Attack – Branch into Up Special is now 6 frames later
  • Air Down Attack – Branching into other attacks is delayed
  • Ground Side Attack – Hitbox window will end 2 frames earlier


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air Up Special – Hitbox window will start 2 frames earlier
  • Air/Ground Side Special, Ground Up, Air down, and Air Up – Hitbox Window starts earlier
  • Air Neutral Attack – Now deals multiple hits


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Some combos removed
  • Air/Ground Up Special – Active hitbox window starts 4 frames earlier
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Hitbox sized increased and knockback increased
  • Ground Side Special – Cooldown increased
  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack – Uncharged lifetime doubled in length
  • Air/Ground Down Attack – breaks Armor
  • Ground Side Attack – Knockback increased on Jab 3



  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Hitbox stays active while Morty moves back to original position
  • Air Up Attack – Hitbox changed


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Cooldown increased to 24 seconds
  • Ground Down Attack – Knockback scaling increased


  • Ground Side Attack – First jab whiff recovery increased by 5 frames

Steven Universe

  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air/Ground Up Special – Shield has 12 HP and is more consistent.
  • Air/Ground Side Special – Shield HP increased to 12 and damage from projectiles reduced to 0
  • Ground Side Special – Active hitbox delayed on first two Jabs


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Aerial Side Special – Hitbox increased
  • Ground Down Special – Hitstun increased
  • Ground Up Special – Hitbox adjusted
  • Air Side Attack, Air Down Attack – Active hitbox window starts earlier
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitbox window delayed
  • Ground Side Attack – Jabs can cancel out
  • Ground Down Attack – First hit removed; second hit adjusted


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air/Ground Up Special – On-cooldown second hit active two frames earlier and knockback made more vertical
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – You can’t eat enemies behind anymore and hitbox resized
  • Air Down Attack – Delayed cancel window
  • Air Side Attack – Hitbox changed
  • Ground Neutral Attack – Hitbox moved
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitbox starts earlier, timing on hitstun is altered, and knockback direction is now vertical
  • Ground Up Attack – Base knockback decreased
  • Ground Side Attack – Salt and Pepper now dispense salt and pepper

Tom and Jerry

  • 2D hitbox
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitbox frame window delayed and hitbox timing standardized
  • Ground Side Attack – Hitbox size increased


  • 2D Hitbox
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Light hits no longer deals knockback
    Beam length reduced
  • Air Up Special – Hitbox size reduced
    Ground Side Special – Ally carry health reduced to 4
  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack – Ammo cooldown up to 14 seconds
  • Ground Up Attack – 6 frames of whiff recovery added
  • Ground Side Attack – Hitbox fixed

Wonder Woman

  • Air` Down Special – Can’t be used if Wonder Woman is past her air special limit
  • Ground Up Special – Attack can be cancelled earlier
  • Air Side Attack – Active frame window delayed by 2 frames

Those are all of the big character changes in the recent MultiVersus patch. These are pretty substantial changes to some characters and 2D hitboxes might make a bit difference in the long run. We’ll probably see even more changes come to MultiVersus over the next weeks so keep an eye on fighting game news for when the next one drops

Past MultiVersus Updates

Lunar New Year

The new year is bringing loads of new updates for MultiVersus. There’s potential for some big changes coming and some of the most requested features coming soon. These are all of the MultiVersus updates from January and new events in the game.

Lunar New Year Multiversus

New Years’ MultiVersus Update

MultiVersus has so far had an update schedule that puts most of the other top fighting games to shame. There are new MultiVersus characters and even more coming constantly with this game. It can be tricky to stay on top of all of the MultiVersus updates in January or any other month. The game has a rate of content that’s closer to shooters like Fortnite than the rest of the top fighting games.

Our most recent MultiVersus update has been the Year of the Rabbit event! This was the first event back for the game after the Christmas break. These are all of the changes from this update. Starting with a double Battle Pass XP event starting January 18.

New Map Added – Treefort Single Platform

MultiVersus Updates

This is a new map that’s come in this update. It’s based around the Treefort House where Jake and Finn live in Adventure Time. The map is designed for four players. There are platforms at different levels for more varied play. Ground space is relatively sparse though, so it’s a dangerous design with plenty of features to get vertical.

There’s a 2-v-2 single platform coming too. The Treefort will be available in four-play queues with this MultiVersus update.

Scooby’s Mansion – New Look in January MultiVersus Updates

January MultiVersus Updates

The roofless version of Scooby’s Mansion has had a bit of a redesign. This is a nice change for the map and it’s making it look just as polished as the others in the game.

Lunar New Year Event MultiVersus Update

This is the big part of this latest addition to MultiVersus. We’re getting a Lunar New Year event! This is MultiVersus’ newest in-game event with free cosmetics and rewards for playing MultiVersus through the start of 2023.

Players can log in every day to get rewards. Heading into the game for 14 days is going to make sure you’re getting all of the possible Lunar New Year login rewards. That includes a New Year skin, a banner, ringout, and profile icons.

January MultiVersus Updates

Shop Items for Year of the Rabbit

We’ve got some fun new items in the shop with this MultiVersus update. These are some of the new items that are around at the moment.

  • Rare Profile Icons Guardian, Lucky Rabbit, Lunar New Year ’23, Toastie
  • Lunar New Year ’23 – All cost 3000 Gold
  • Longevity ’23 Banner – Epic Banner, Costs 350 Gleamium
  • Lunar Rabbit Ringout – Epic Ringout, costs 1,200 Gleamium
  • Red Guardian Reindog – Rare Reindog Skins, costs 800 Gleamium

Gameplay Changes in MultiVersus Updates

That’s the big MultiVersus update for January, but we’ve got some more minor changes too. The alterations to fighters can be just as huge as new events. If your main has had a major change, where they stand in the MultiVersus Meta might have changed.

These are all of the gameplay changes in the latest MultiVersus update that you’re going to need to watch out for.

All Characters

  • Armor applying bug with multiple sources of armor has been fixed.
    Knockback Damage multiplier has been increased to these thresholds

    • 115+ Damage – Multiplier up to 1.075 from 1.05
    • 150+ Damage – Multiplier increased to 1.125 from 1.1
    • 175+ Damage – Multiplier increased to 1.25 from 1.2
      • These changes are aimed at making knockouts at damaged players more effective.
  • The shocked debuff effect won’t do additional ticks of damage in knockback anymore.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Air Up – Timing has changed to fix a bug.
  • Air Neutral Attack – Two frames of whiff lag have been added to Needle Strike
  • Side Air Attack – The hitbox has been changed to not affect the behind area as much.
  • Ground Side Attack – Whiff lab has increased on the first jab by 4 frames.
  • Ground Up Attack – 4 frames of whiff lag have been added to Upward Slash.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Air/Ground Special – Explosion will now center on Batman, trigger after you grapple rather than at a delay, and the speed has been increased on the reel-in.
  • Air Neutral Attack – Aerial Batarang start-up increased by 7 frames
  • Ground Neutral Attack – 5 frames of start-up and 4 frames of end lag introduced.
  • Ground Side Attack – First two jabs can be cancelled into a jump.
  • Down Ground Attack – You can slide combo into any other attack now. Great for Batman MultiVersus combos.

Black Adam

  • Air Up Attack –Arc Lightning Hitbox shrunken by 25%
  • Ground Neutral Special – Lightning Surge is quicker
  • Neutral Ground Special – Lightning Surge minimum length reduced, all damage on throw removed, shocked debuff lowered to 1 stack.
  • Ground Up Attack – Cooldown on Call the Heavens’ lightning bolt is now 19 seconds, 14 frames of recovery added on whiff and hitbox shrunk on Call the Heavens.
  • Bug fixes for this character in the January MultiVersus updates.

January MultiVersus Updates


  • Weight reduced to 51 from 55 in this MultiVersus update.
  • Air Down Attack – Active frames on Ground Chop shifted by 2 frames and hitbox aligned with sword animation.
  • Ground Up Attack – Jump and dodge cancel at the start of Slasher have been delayed 5 frames
  • Ground Down Attack – Finn’s hand hitbox removed


  • Electric Groove Signature Perk – Now has the chance to apply rhythm
  • Air Up Special – Vacuum Knockback improved
  • Ground Up Special – Elect Zone explosion now applies stacks of Shocked
  • Ground down Attack – Shockwave accounts for Z-Axis better in this MultiVersus update.
  • Bug Fixes


  • Air/Ground Side Special – 8 frames of whiff lag added
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Whack-In-A-Box cooldown doubled to 18 seconds, life span decreased to 12 seconds
  • Air Down Attack – 21 frames of whiff added
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitbox on Heads up adjusted
  • Neutral Ground Attack – Whack’s hammer-cancel infinite
  • Ground Down Attack – Slider goes into combo 6 frames earlier
  • Ground Down Attack – 3 frames of whiff lag added
  • Bug fixes

Iron Giant

  • Bug Fixes


  • Ground Up Attack – 5 frames added before you can dodge cancel out of You Axe’d For It and 2 frames of whiff lag added


  • Air Side Special – 16 frames of whiff lag added to landing.
  • Air Ground/Down Special – Number of bounces before the ball is destroyed reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Side Air Attack (No Baseball) – 4 frames of whiff lag added


  • Wonder Woman’s perk can’t destroy Spaceship anymore.
  • Bug Fixes


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Grenades aren’t detonated by light projectiles anymore, ammo reduced to 2 from 3
  • Air Down Attack – You can cancel this earlier.
  • Air Down Attack – 1 frame of whiff lag and end lag added downward spike angle increased.
  • Ground Side Attack – This jab has a smaller hitbox in this MultiVersus update.
  • Ground Down Attack – Hitbox increased
  • Ground Side Special – Knockback increased
  • Air Up Attack – Vacuum Knockback can now chain the first hit into the second more accurately


  • Ground Side Attack – The velocity of Jab 3 rocket is now based on charge time
  • Ground Down Attack – Fart bomb is now destroyed if you’re knocked back before it activates
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Weight lowered to 88 from 93
  • Wavedash distance reduced to 700 in the most recent January MultiVersus patch.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Ice Breath knockback wind box removes
  • Bug Fixes



  • Air/Ground Up Special – Projectile trait removed from Dogpile
  • Ground Up Attack – Slam-Witch has 2 more active frames.
    Tom and Jerry
  • 3 Frames of start-up added to Rocket Mouse
  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug fixes

Wonder Woman

  • General – Shield of Athena Perk no longer destroys Marvin’s Spaceship
  • Bug Fixes

Those are all of the major changes with this MultiVersus update. It’s our only one in January so far. Although, we can expect more now that developers are back working on the game!

The next few MultiVersus updates could hold more events, cool skins, and maybe even some new characters if recent MultiVersus leaks are anything to go by.

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