How to Win Games With Shaggy in MultiVersus Season 2

Shaggy MultiVersus KitShaggy has been one of the most interesting MultiVersus characters since the game was revealed. MultiVersus Shaggy isn’t the cowardly figure you’ll recognise from classic Scooby-Doo cartoons.

Shaggy MultiVersus Guide

He’s pretty obviously based on the ultra-Instinct Shaggy memes from a few years ago, which is definitely for the best here. Giving Shaggy anime-style high-powered fighting skills has made him a fantastic character to play in MultiVersus. It’s not quite Goku, but master everything in the Shaggy MultiVersus guide and he’ll be playing like he has Ultra Instinct too.

Below are the top strategies, weaknesses to watch out for, getting knockouts, and the best Shaggy MultiVersus combos. This is what you need to know about Shaggy in MultiVersus.

Shaggy’s MultiVersus Moves & Kit

Before we break down into playstyle and mastering combos, this is all of the Shaggy MultiVersus moves.

  • Knuckle Sandwich –Neutral Attack
  • Combo Meal – Side Attack
  • Like, Overhead Swing – Up Attack
  • Power Stomp – Down Attack
  • Zoinks – Neutral Special
  • Chiller Instinct Kick – Side Special
  • Power Uppercut – Up Special
  • Like, Feed the Hunger – Down Special
  • Furious Feet – Air Neutral Attack
  • Like, Knee Strike – Side Attack
  • Flying Swat – Air Side Attack
  • Get Down, Man – Air Down Attack
  • Like C’mere Man – Air Down Special

A full description of each move isn’t really necessary for a MultiVersus Shaggy guide since you can see the moves for yourself. If you want a visual reference though, this video also shows each in use. Or you can head into training mode to get a better look at how the moves all connect.

We’ll head more into Shaggy MultiVersus combos and strategies below with the full Shaggy MultiVersus guide, but these are some basic tips and tricks to watch out for.

Key Shaggy MultiVersus Tips and Tricks

  • Charge Up – Shaggy’s Key Mechanic is his ability to charge up Ki. This will power up his attacks, but you’re a sitting duck. In 2-v-2 have your teammate pay defence, in 1-v-1 only use it when you’re in a position to do so safely.
  • KOs – Shaggy’s powered specials have some of the biggest knockback in the game. If an opponent gives you an opening by making a mistake, strike with a heavy special.
  • Teammates – Shaggy has few cooldowns so he’s a good match for a character that also focuses on damage not support.
  • Spikes – Shaggy’s air down can actually be a very useful spike for edge guarding, try and master the positioning on this to strike while enemies are recovering.
  • Projectile – Shaggy is a Brawler, but he has a single projectile attack! Make the most of this and use it to counter players who aren’t letting you get close.
  • Side Attack Range – This has bigger range than it looks, don’t be scared to throw it out even with a slight distance. Players who don’t often use Shaggy may not expect it to connect from the distance that it does.
  • Combo Meal into Special – Change up your timing with this combo to bait your opponents into dodging, which you can follow up. Good opponents will adapt, so keep varying the timing so they’ll dodge at the wrong moment when you can get a hard-hitting special in.
  • Power Uppercut – This is a familiar move to other fighting game characters. It’s easy to dodge, but if your opponent is close enough or has already dodged from a successful bait, this hits hard.
  • Dodge Cancel – Use this on chargeable moves to bait opponents into reacting, with the right timing that’s another opening for a special.

Shaggy MultiVersus Guide

Shaggy MultiVersus Playstyle Guide

Shaggy is a bruiser which gives him a similar strategy to Batman in MultiVersus strangely. He’s best when up close, however, Shaggy’s Feed the Hunger does add a small projectile attack for when you’re backed into a corner. For the most part, you’re dealing damage until there’s an opening, then throwing out a Special attack. These can pretty much all knockout but they’re also more dodgeable.

As covered a bit in the Shaggy MultiVersus tips and tricks, you’ll need to bait opponents. Dodge cancelling, mixing up timing, and baiting opponents by doing protectable move patterns before a complete mix-up can all work here. It’s about being unpredictable and getting your opponent to react before you make your move. It’s mind games. That leaves them exposed so Shaggy can access 1% of his power and smack them out of the sky.

Shaggy’s Unique Mechanics

Shaggy’s unique Rage ability is central to the MultiVersus Shaggy guide. You can charge up to the rage state as Shaggy which takes a few seconds. Your attacks then do much more knockback though. Also, keep an eye out for the downside of this. When you hit an opponent while Raged, they become Enraged. This means their next Melee attack will apply Weakened back to you.

A key part of Shaggy is budgeting his Rage. Save it until you have a safe opening for a bigger special attack. There are combos that integrate them which can be perfect if mastered.

He also has a Perk, One Last Zoinks which gives you a free Rage charge when you take 100 Damage. This is definitely a viable option to run. Perks aren’t too complicated in a Shaggy MultiVersus guide though, most are fairly useful.

Shaggy MultiVersus Guide

Getting the Knockout

Getting the knockout with Shaggy’s MultiVersus moves is one of the more fun parts of his gameplay. Those rage Specials are definitely fantastic for finishing the job. A well-timed Rage attack will knockout even at lower damage. The key is getting the space to charge up and lining an opponent up so your Special move connects. Shaggy’s specials are more forgiving than they maybe should be with this kind of kit. You might want to keep an eye on MultiVersus patch notes to ensure they stay that way though!

Spikes can be pretty effective with parts of his kit too. The hitbox isn’t as forgiving as some characters like the Harley Quinn MultiVersus moves. However, he does still work for hitting spikes.

Shaggy’s Drawbacks

Shaggy’s defence isn’t as strong as some other characters in the roster, but he does have some moves which can save you. Some aerials add some height, and rage versions of his up special connect upwards a few times.

Since you’re a bruiser, most players are going to want to keep you at a distance. You have your sandwich and Rage move though, which all means that leaving Shaggy alone can be dangerous. If an opponent won’t get close, you can charge and irritate until they’re successfully baited into coming in for the kill.

Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

It’s the combos where you’ll really take the step up in your gameplay. Shaggy MultiVersus Combos are one of the best reasons to play the character. His kit involves baiting out opportunities that you can get opponents to “knockoutable” damage, without having to rely on mind games.

These are some of the top MultiVersus Shaggy combos:

  • Jump – Air Attack Down – Ground Attack Up – Jump – Air Special Up
  • Jump – Air Attack Side – Ground special Side – Jump – Air Attack Down
  • Ground Attack Down – Jump – Air Attack Neutral – Ground Special Side
  • Jump – Air Attack Down – Air Special Up
  • Side Attack – Side Attack – Down Special – Up Attack
  • Jump – Air Attack Up – Jump – Air Special Up
  • Air Down Attack – Side Attack Side Attack – Up Attack – Up Special

As with any combos in a game like MultiVersus, you’ll need to drill these in practice mode before you can master them.

Shaggy can be one of the most fun characters. In the right hands, he can seem like an absolute beast that deserves to be at the top of the MultiVersus tier list. He has some drawbacks, but Shaggy MultiVersus is definitely worth devoting time to master.

Just remember to keep an eye on patch notes and fighting game news for his next big nerf!