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Luminosity Smash Roster Gains MKLeo and Tweek

Ranking players in fighting games is too huge a topic to ever settle on a definitive rank. In titles like Smash many different groups use exact methodology to try and actually rank SSB players, and they rarely achieve anything that doesn’t just spark discussion. What about when an esports org claims to have signed the world’s greatest Smash roster though? With two new signings, the Luminosity Smash roster might be the closest we’ll get right now.

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Luminosity has jumped on two of the more surprising free agents on the field for Smash Bros right now. They’ve brought both MKLeo and Tweek on board to complete an amazing Luminosity Smash roster.

Luminosity Smash Roster Adds Tweek and MKLeo

Luminosity has stepped in to sign two of the very best Smash Bros players. They’ve grabbed both MKLeo and Tweek, completing an amazing roster as we move towards 2023’s big events like Smash Ultimate Summit 6.

Both of these players losing their orgs happened fairly recently. At the time, it felt as though it was a bad sign for Smash esports. With the Panda debacle leaving a pretty big stain on the community, players with such good earnings, name recognition, and skill in the game being let go looked a bit shaky. We can maybe set those worries aside with the Luminosity Smash roster though.

The two players have both signed with Luminosity, forming a Smash roster which is going to have pretty regular representation in the top 8 of most majors. This gives them two players who have both held a claim to the number 1 spot in the past, as well as regularly finishing top at tournaments. Luminosity has a few other players already competing. That Includes Maister, and the Melee player Ginger. This isn’t the only expansion for Luminosity, just earlier this year they added a Pokémon Unite esports roster. With a lot of orgs slowing down, Luminosity is expanding to different areas of esports.

These current signings are a real get for the team. It’s a strong showing of their commitment to Smash Bros too. Even with some teams stepping back, there are always going to be orgs that see the value in a fighting game whose community keeps its competitive scene going for this long, with such little dev support, purely out of enthusiasm for the game. It’s support from Luminosity that’s going to pay off as they start fielding such a strong roster at events like the final Smash Ultimate Summit.

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