Snake Eyes Wins Qualifier and Gets Spot at Capcom Pro Tour Playing Zangeif

The Capcom Pro Tour qualifies kicked off at EVO but we’re getting more and more players confirmed for the event as the weeks go by. This time, it’s the US Canada West qualifier which has seen an unexpected player and Street Fighter 6 character secure their spot! Snake Eyez has qualified for the Capcom Pro Tour, surprisingly while playing Zangief.

The player has won out in this qualifier for the Pro Tour, using a more unconventional character. Zangief is one of the lower-tier Street Fighter 6 characters. However, that doesn’t mean the most skilled players can’t go far with the character. That’s exactly what’s happened with Snake Eyez qualifying for the Capcom Cup.

Snake Eyez Wins Capcom Pro Tour Qualifier

Source: Capcom Fighters

Snake Eyez Qualifies for the Capcom Pro Tour with Zangeif

The top 8 for this qualifier started with a Ken JP match up, showing some of the characters who have featured more heavily in these qualifiers so far. Snake Eyez didn’t stary up until the second match, showing off why his Zangief has been such a game changer for the character. His first match up was against JB, where he sailed through to the winners final. Here he faced Reynald, a more common name in the final brackets for Street Fighter 6 so far. Reynald showed off why he’s such a strong player so far, winning 3-0.

This sent Snake Eyez won to the loser’s final, to face Nephew. It was Snake Eyez and Nephew’s first clash back in the top 16 that sent the players down to losers, and now there was a rematch to decide who went on to the grand Final. This was a tense game where Snake Eyez’ win was dependent on a quick block out of burnout. Eventually though, he won the match and went back to face Reynald once again in the Grand Final.

With qualification for the Capcom Cup at stake here, there was a lot riding on this match. Snake Eyez took the lead early though and managed to force a reset opening up the possibility of winning from losers.

In the second stage, Snake Eyez did not let up and managed to win and sure his spot at the Capcom Cup.

Snake Eyes is undisputedly the best Zangeif player around at the moment, and this win puts in as one of the best SF 6 players overall. It’s always great to see more unconventional picks coming out ahead in these tournaments. A great reminder that any character can be high tier in SF 6 with a skilled enough player.

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