Street Fighter 6 Tier List – Pro Tier Lists and Best Characters

Street Fighter 6 has become one of the biggest fighting games. It’s got huge prize pools behind esports events, and it’s one of the most polished fighting game experiences we’ve ever seen, there are going to be more people jumping into this series than ever before. You’ll need every advantage with the title.

How can you tell which Street Fighter character is most worth putting your time into grinding? A Street Fighter 6 tier list can help there.

Now the game has completed its early esports events like SF 6 at EVO 2023 we have a better idea of where characters stand. On top of that pros have had enough time to really delve into the game and figure out which are the strongest fighters. While there are still changes coming, a clearer Street Fighter 6 tier list can help you start the game on the best possible foot


Street Fighter 6 Tier list

For this Street Fighter tier list, we’ve looked at the tier lists made by pro players as listed below. However, we’re also looking at how the characters play for a more average player! We’ll be taking how easy the character is to play if you’re not a pro-level player into account. That’s weighted with how they’ve performed at higher level tournaments too. This is where all the Street Fighter 6 characters stand and which the best ones are.

S Tier

All Street Fighter Characters

Source: Capcom

These characters are definitely the strongest in the game. They’re the characters who have excelled in the first few months of the game. These characters might be trickier to play, but they’re seeing a lot of use in the higher ends of Street Fighter 6 Ranked.

  • Cammy
  • Ken
  • Jurie

A Tier

Street Fighter 6 tier list

Source: Capcom

From what we’ve seen of Street Fighter 6 esports so far, these characters are another batch that might have big potential in the game. They’ve got movesets which can be pushed pretty far, although they haven’t quite made the top tier in the first year of the game.

  • JP
  • Marisa
  • Manon
  • Rashid
  • Guile
  • Blanka
  • Chun-Li
  • Luke

B Tier

All Street Fighter Characters

Source: Capcom

These are still strong characters. Some of these even seem quite accessible to newer players. This is a wide roster so the B Tier isn’t exactly a bad place to be! In the right hands they can be taken pretty far. Some players have even already qualified for the Capcom Cup with lower tier characters.

  • Zangief
  • Ryu
  • Kimberly
  • Dhalsim
  • Jamie
  • E. Honda

C Tier

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

Source: Capcom

These are the characters who don’t look so hot in the earlier part of the SF 6 meta. They’re likely to change over time with more SF 6 patch notes though. Some changes for these characters could see them rising basically all the way up to the top!

  • Lily
  • Dee Jay

In most fighting games those low in the tier lists can still hit the highest levels, as proven by a bottom Smash tier list character recently reaching a major final. Although, at the moment these are the lower-down characters in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.

Pro Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Since it’s still early days for the game there’s a lot that could change. Based on first impressions though, there are some clear stand-out characters. We’ve gone through the top Street Fighter players and looked for their takes on who the best characters are.

iDom Street Fighter 6 Tier List

iDom has released a Street Fighter 6 tier list, fresh off a strong performance at the Capcom Cup. It is largely based on who he specifically is interested in though! This is less of an overall meta tier list and more about his specific style of play, so keep that in mind.


JustaKid Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Justakid’s Street Fighter tier list is a good example of what high-level streamers think of the early meta in the game.


KizzleKay Tier List

Kizzle Kay is a fighting game player who performs well across titles, popping up at events like Frosty Faultings and DreamHack Fighters. This is his early Street Fighter 6 tier list.


These aren’t permanent ranks, and it’s just one estimate based on what’s been ranked by competitive players! As we get more tournaments like the next Capcom Cup, we’ll get a firmer idea of which characters stand, and that’s before we get our first full character mechanic changes.

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