Street Fighter 5 Ranks – Full Ranking System Guide

Street Fighter has been a stalwart franchise in the gaming industry since its inception. With the first game of the franchise released in 1987, many players worldwide have enjoyed the button mashing. Alongside Tekken and Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter holds a big space in many gamer hearts. From those who have grown up in Atari saloons, to the current player base that enjoys gaming from home, each generation holds fond memories.

Throughout the years, Capcom has released five main games for the series, with Street Fighter 5 being the latest, released in 2016. It was first introduced for PC and PlayStation 4, and is still played religiously by many in the current day. Like other fighting games, it has an extremely competitive community. This has led to rankings becoming an important part of the scene. For this reason, we have compiled information on what the current Street Fighter 5 ranks are, how to rank up efficiently, and what the current esports scene looks like.

Street Fighter 5 Ranking System

There are 20 Street Fighter 5 ranks to climb up. In order to climb the ranks, players must battle others and win in order to earn enough points. There are different ranks, but Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond are divided into three tiers. Regulars and the upper tiers with the title “Super” and “Ultra” before them. The “currency” that determines a player’s positioning is League Points. They can be won or lost depending on match results.

In the Street Fighter 5 ranking system, players can only gain and lose LP by playing the ranked mode, as normal matches will not affect a player’s LP or rank. Despite there being plenty of ranks, the system is easy to understand. Your collective total of LP will decide which rank you will be in, and can at times determine what kind of opponents you will have. However, because it is a matchmaking system, you may face higher or lower-ranked players according to the congestion. As a precursor, it is advisable to play many social matches first, as ranked can be punishing to new players. 

Ranks in Street Fighter 5

RankLeague Points 
Rookie0 – 499 LPstreet fighter ranks Rookie
Bronze500 – 999 LPstreet fighter ranks Bronze
Super Bronze1,000 – 1,499 LPstreet fighter ranks Super Bronze
Ultra Bronze1,500 – 1,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Ultra Bronze
Silver2,000 – 2,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Silver
Super Silver3,000 – 3,499 LPstreet fighter ranks Super Silver
Ultra Silver3,500 – 3,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Ultra Silver
Gold4,000 – 5,499 LPstreet fighter ranks Gold
Super Gold5,500 – 6,499 LPstreet fighter ranks super gold
Ultra Gold6,500 – 7,499 LPstreet fighter ranks ultra gold
Platinum7,500 – 9,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Platinum
Super Platinum10,000 – 11,999 LPstreet fighter ranks super Platinum
Ultra Platinum12,000 – 13,999 LPstreet fighter ranks ultra Platinum
Diamond14,000 – 19,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Diamond
Super Diamond20,000 – 24,999 LPstreet fighter ranks super Diamond
Ultra Diamond25,000 – 29,999 LPstreet fighter ranks ultra Diamond
Master30,000 – 34,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Master
Grand Master35,000 – 99,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Grand Master
Ultimate Grand Master100,000 – 299,999 LPstreet fighter ranks Ultimate Grand Master
Warlord300,000+ LPstreet fighter ranks Warlord

How to Reach Higher Ranks

Similar to other title systems including Tekken ranks, you will need to win games in order to climb the ladder. Winning a game rewards a player with a certain amount of LP. However, if a player loses a game, then a certain amount of LP will be taken away. The amount for either result will depend on the opponent’s rank. For example, if a player is victorious against a higher-ranked opponent, LP rewards will be greater. However, if the player loses they will deplete less LP. The alternative being if a player wins against a lower-ranked opponent, they will gain less LP for a win, and deplete more LP for a loss.

Moreover, if a player takes down another who is sitting at a better standing or has a higher rank, the game awards that player with bonus points. This allows “justice” and a huge reward for the underdog who takes down a much better or more experienced player. Even though it seems like a long road, the Street Fighter 5 ranking system pushes new players to learn more mechanics for competitiveness.

For competition and an edge over others, it is advisable to learn 3-4 heroes mechanics. This will allow you to have different variations of play. Additionally, it will allow you to counter opponents’ picks. Next, try to play as many social matches as possible, as you can learn movements, combinations and how to counter-act players. When confident, play ranked and approach the game with a learning mentality. The higher up the ranks you go, the more likely you are to face professional competition, especially within Ultimate Grand Master and Warlord ranks.

Street Fighter 5 Esports Tournaments

© Robert Paul | EVO

Street Fighter 5 Esports Tournaments

There are many different esports tournaments being held for this fighting game in 2022. Alongside Capcom, Red Bull organizes tournaments that create a Pro Circuit for players across the world to take part in. In terms of the prize pool, Capcom had organized the biggest tournament back in 2019 with a $379,500 prize in total. Looking at it from another metric, EVO 2018 (Evolution Championship Series), had the most viewers with 238,847. SFV tournaments were very popular before the pandemic and they grew every year, especially in Asia. 

Fortunately, now that esports tournaments and gaming is moving forward from the pandemic, in-person competition is occurring more often. Aside from community-led tournaments on Twitch and YouTube, major events will host Street Fighter 5 action. EVO 2022 have confirmed its line-up with this beloved title headlining it along with Tekken, Mortal Kombat and more.

It is possible for players of any background to make the cut for pro competition. With all of the information on ranking set out, it is time for you the player to compete. With the game having a steep learning curve but a friendly community, developing as a strong player is highly possible.