Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass – Fighters Pass Rewards, Price, and End Date

Street Fighter 6 is finally here. We can start breaking into how all of the Street Fighter 6 characters play, start to master combos, and jump into online. But there’s a new feature in the game which is basically a must for modern games, even if Capcom basically buried it before release. A Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass. The Street Fighter 6 fighting Pass, as they’re calling it, is finally coming.

Love them or hate them, most live service games have a Battle Pass these days. With years of further Street Fighter DLC coming, we can expect this to be an ongoing part of the game. Capcom wasn’t super clear about this ahead of release, but a Battle Pass is going to be a part of the game. Although, it’s a Pass with a smaller run time and some quirks compared to other titles. The Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass was eventually, patched into the game post-release, similar to Resident Evil’s premium currency from Capcom earlier this year.

This is how the current Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass works and all of the rewards you can grab.

What is the Street Fighter Summer Vibes Battle Pass?

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

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The Summer Vibes Street Fighter Battle Pass is the first seasonal cosmetics pass for the game. This is a Battle Pass with a free and premium tier. It’s a completely optional part of the game. It’s a thing you can use if you want to get extra cosmetics and Street Fighter skins. If you really want to unlock everything, then there’s a premium tier available for 250 fighter coins.

If you subscribe to the premium one, you can start to progress through the tiers of the Street Fighter 6 battle pass with rewards at each stage.

The pass is a purely cosmetic feature in the game. It isn’t unlocking any extra fighters, so it is optional if you don’t care about that side of things.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass Tiers and Rewards

Capcom has been showing off loads of new skins and other items for characters in SF 6. It took a little longer to get access to the full SF 6 Battle Pass, after delays. We do now know what’s coming in the new Pass though! The premium Battle Pass has these rewards in its tiers so far.

  • Avatar Gear
  • Classic game Legendary Wings
  • Emotes
  • Music Pack
  • More Titles
  • Stickers
  • Photo Border
  • Device Wallpaper

That’s what’s been shown off for the premium tier of the Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass. There will also be different rewards over on the free tier too. These aren’t exactly exclusive outfits for anything too big though, so it doesn’t seem like the free tier of the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass will be too crazy either. We are getting some fun music packs though, great news if you’re a big fan of classic Cammy stages or Dee Jay, or T.Hawk.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass End Date

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

Source: Capcom

The Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass was briefly delayed, but it’s now been fully unveiled. It’s got a much short run time than some other titles have, but fewer rewards to get through too. It’s running from June 12 to July 2. You’ve only have a bit less than a month to get through everything!

We don’t know if Street Fighter will always be running such short Battle Passes. In the future, they might have some longer-running ones. This Battle Pass might even come back in the future. Some of the other best fighting games that use a Pass do throwback passes to give you another chance.

How Much is the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass?

The SF 6 Battle Pass is going to cost 250 fighters coins. That’s the in-game currency. If you want to put this into an actual amount, it’s roughly $5 in-game.

Why Was the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Delayed?

The Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass has had a complex journey. It wasn’t announced, then leaked via a review, and then delayed indefinitely, only to come out anyway just a few days later! The delay seems to be over performance issues on certain consoles. The Street Fighter 6 fighting Pass is out now though.

Is There Going To Be Another Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass?

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

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While the initial Pass is a bit smaller than some might have expected. We can probably expect more Street Fighter 6 battle Passes to launch eventually.

A Battle Pass will allow the title to be monetized beyond launch. On one hand, this means players having to spend cash on games they’ve already bought, which is never fun. On the other, though, it provides more incentive for a game to be kept active with its updates. Titles with Battle Passes that don’t update often enough to justify it typically see their sales fall outside of their core diehard fans. It’s a frustrating addition when kept secret before launch, but it seems like it’s going to be a permanent part of Street Fighter’s development. We don’t know if there will always be a Battle Pass running though, which is a bit different from in games like the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Is the Battle Pass Included with the Season Pass?

Since the Street Fighter 6 reveal that included the first batch of DLC characters, we’ve known about a potential Season Pass coming for these fighters. However, it now seems that the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass is an entirely separate product!

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

Source: @StreetFighter

If you just want every DLC fighter, then you’re getting that without buying a pass every month. If you want the cosmetics, music, and classic games though, then you’ll need the Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass too.

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