FNCS All-Star Showdown and Fortnite Season 7 Esports

Fortnite Season 7  just launched this week. As with every new season of Fortnite, it has brought a lot of new content into the game. New POIs, weapons, mechanics and a Battle Pass. However, each new season also heralds a new chapter for Fortnite esports.

The best Fortnite players regularly change depending on how each season goes. We don’t know all of the events that are going to be taking place in Fortnite Season 7 esports. However, we already have some details of one of the biggest events coming this Season.

FNCS all star twitch drops

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Fortnite All-Stars Showdown

One of the first Fortnite season 7 esports events is going to be the FNCS All-Stars Showdown. This is the first event that is going to be organized by BLAST. They’re pretty well experienced, especially with games like CSGO. However, this is their first time dipping their toes into Fortnite. The event is going to be taking place throughout the last part of June. The overall tournament is going to be broken up into the normal regions for Fortnite. So, the top players are going to be pretty spread out. This is how the format is going to work:

Hype Days

The build-up to this one of the Fortnite Season 7 esports tournaments is going to kick off with Hype Days. These are running June 11-13th. Fortnite content creators are hosting their own challenges and tournaments during this period.

All-Star Solo Play-In

This is a Fortnite tournament open to all-comers, unlike the main All-Star event. The first round is open to all eligible champions league players. The second is 1000-2000 top players from that round, the third round goes down to 350-600. Then the fourth round is just the top 100 players.

FNCS all star

Fortnite All-Star

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge is going to be a bracket event that tests players on their actual skill with in-game mechanics. This is pretty different from what normally happens at a tournament. These are the challenges that are going on:

  • Blueprint Battle – Players have to edit their way out of a course in the quickest time.
  • Bullseye Bonanza – This is a target practice course with a high score.
  • High Tier – Players have to build through a map, with the last one standing winning.

Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps is going to be the next event for the All-Star tournament. The team’s will be competing in a game mode where builds are entirely disabled. It is a 3v3 mode. So, we can expect a more traditional shooter style of gameplay here.

FNCS All-Star Championship

Finally, on June 26th the big Fortnite Season 7 kick-off esports tournament commences. It is the main event of the Fortnite All-Star Solo Championships. This sees the top players from previous FNCS battle it out over the course of six games. This is a fairly standard battle royale tournament. Players are competing for placement and eliminations. The player with the most eliminations at the end of each match gets a bonus, alongside their points for the overall standings. The top player is crowned the winner, and they’ll be someone to watch over Season 7. This event is bringing together the top players from past FNCS, so it is the top players out there at the moment.

Fortnite All-Star Twitch Drops

Special Twitch drops will be available for the duration of the event. You can earn a unique Emoticon, Spray, Loading Screen and Back Bling if you are have your Twitch and Epic Games accounts linked. All you need to do is watch the official channels that have “Drops Enabled” for a shot at earning some free loot.

Fortnite Season 7 Esports

The FNCS All-Star Showdown is just the opening act of Fortnite esports in Season 7. We can expect quite a bit more from the Battle Royale over the course of the season. The biggest is likely going to be the FNCS. This is the main event for every season and it is really what decides who can claim to be the top player of that Season. However, there will be plenty more as it progresses, We can also expect to see regular Cash Cups. These are smaller events where more up-and-coming players have a chance to get a win or two. Although, the big pros often drop in on these too.  The only other event on the calendar at the moment is the UEFA Euro Cup, a football tie-in event with skins on offer.

We can expect quite a few more tournaments to pop up between now and the FNCS that closes up the season. If you’re interested in Fortnite betting, then be sure to keep an eye on them as they develop.