FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: Duos to Watch in NA West

Our daily coverage for Fortnite’s FNCS continues with the North American finals. In a little over a week, all the Arena Mode grinding, stress, pressure and intense competition will come to an end. Each region has just the finals left and 50 duos in each are all primed to take home a lot of cash.

The Grand Finals for NA West are scheduled for August 13. For this region, the top finisher will end up with $45,000. Second place earns $36,000 and third will get $28,000. Fourth place takes home a cool $22,ooo and the rest is split evenly across the rest of the finishers. Everyone is guaranteed at least $500 just for making it this far.

Here are a few interesting pairs to keep an eye on when the Grand Finals kicks off.


FNCS Grand Finals NA West Duos to look out for

On1 and Bacca won the first Semifinals with solid pace and punched their ticket to grands with 1047 points. Back in May, On1 placed 7th in the FNCS finals, and this time around a top five finish is not out of the equation.

Cheaters and Squishy from Crow Esports make up one of the most interesting duos this run. Overall, Crow has been signing some potent talent leading up to this season’s Finals.

33 verny zz and 2PHONE JAY are another strong duo. In total, they earned over 1,100 points across the Semi-Finals. That kind of showing makes them a favorite for the FNCS Grand Finals.

Viewers should definitely keep their eyes on Vanillaz and his duo partner 33 dwavykg. The two of them earned 1,097 points in the Semi-Finals, and showed us they can hold their own in multiple head to head duels.

More duos to keep an eye out for in this season’s Grand Finals

  • 187 WTJ REMY and crow kimchi placed second in the NA West Semi-Finals. That kind of placement doesn’t guarantee any success in the Grand Finals, but it does demand attention. They’re some of the best Fortnite players right now.
  • Saltlover 777 and partner Venji from R2, were the fourth place team with 1,083 points. To count them out would be foolish, so viewers should pay them close attention on August 13.
  • Flu Tann and ashton -iwnl- were fifth in the FNCS Semi-Finals. They may not be the favorites, but they’re almost certainly goint to end up with some of the coveted prize money.

NA West is a smaller region, which means there’s less overall prize money than the FNCS NA East Finals or Europe. That means the competition is even more intense, given how much more important it is to place highly.