FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: NA East Duos to watch closely

FNCS for Chapter 3 Season 3 is well underway. In fact, all that’s left for all participating regions is the Grand Finals, which will kick off in mid-August. There’s just a couple of weeks left before this season’s ultimate competitive champions are crowned.

North America East is one of the largest regions for competitive Fortnite, and that’s reflected in the cash prizes awaiting one of the 50 remaining duos. First place will take home $160,000, second place earns $100,000, third gets $80,000 and fourth will take home $56,000.

The rest of the prize money is split between the remaining 46 duos based on their performance. Everyone is assured at least $1,400.

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NA East Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Duos to watch out for

Only 50 duos are still playing after the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 qualifiers finished. They have as good a chance as anyone to take home one of the top prizes. However, here are a few solid duos to keep an eye on during the competition.

  • Degen and Plege make up one of this season’s best teams. They ran through the Semi-Finals, landing first on the leaderboard with over 1,000 points. The Grand Finals are a lot tougher to compete in, but these players remain a Chapter 3 Season 3 duo to watch.
  • DeRoller and his duo partner Kn1pher make up one of Fortnite’s most eye-opening duos. They’re incredible and earned just over 1,100 points in the Semi-Finals. That kind of performance makes them a safe pick to take home a large chunk of the prize money.
  • Shadow and Walkerrz came in second on the Semi-Finals leaderboard despite having the most points with 1,174. That kind of total is something all other teams would love to have had, so look for them to be a top finisher when the Grand Finals finish up.
  • Slackes of Luminosity Gaming and clarityG took third in the Semi-Finals. They talled over 1,000 points, so they have to be one of the favorites to continue their run of success.

More duos to look for during Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS

Those aren’t the only duos worth watching though.

  • Ajerss and Khanada have won these type of tournaments before. They’re savvy veterans who know how to win and are two of NA East’s best Fortnite players. A win for them wouldn’t be a big surprise.
  • Mero and Bugha have to be a potential dark horse for the money. Bugha is one of the best and most prominent players Fortnite has. Not many of these players can say they have an Icon Series skin in the game, but Bugha can.

There are a lot more duos that could certainly stun the world and take home the FNCS prize, but these duos remain the most tantalizing options left this season.