Why Fortnite 2020 Has Been One of the Game’s Best Years

In terms of trending popular games, Fortnite getting up there in age at this point. The Battle Royale has sustained a popularity that few manage, but in 2020 accusations that Fortnite is dying have accelerated. Contrary to this, Fortnite 2020 has been one of the game’s best years to date. There were a few miss-fires and problems along the way, but this year Fortnite has finally managed to hit that balance between casual play and competitive. Lets take a look back at Fortnite in 2020 and why it has been one of the best to date.

Fortnite in 2020

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The story of Fortnite in 2020

Season 1 and 2

Things did get off to a slightly rough start in 2020. Fortnite had emerged from a Black Hole with the fresh Season 1. Although, that season had been stretched out pretty far and would continue quite far into the new year. Season 2 was a welcome addition, but similarly elongated. These two never-ending seasons were probably the low point of the year. However, while they were still fresh these versions of the game were some of the best additions. They managed to add plenty of new content in, evolving the map, bringing fun new weapons and mechanics, all while keeping competitive players happy with a stable loot pool.

Season 3

Season 3 of Fortnite saw a great flood take over the map in Fortnite. The water was a bit much at first, but the season evolved gradually with a dynamic and constantly receding bed of water. This made playing in Pubs some of the most fun it has been in a long time. Even the loot pool stayed relatively stable despite the massive changes.

Essentially, Season 3 proved that Fortnite could be both fresh and entertaining for casual play, and competitively viable.

Season 4

Season 4 took Fortnite into the Marvel world, with the addition of a lot of different superheroes alongside their powers. This might sound a little destructive compared with the careful additions of past seasons, but there was a counter-balance to this. Epic was strict about a cooling-off period before adding new items to comp, which pretty much kept the competitive game pretty stable throughout the year. The superpowers weirdly felt more balanced than previous Mythic weapons, being easier to obtain and only one tied to a vault and POI.

Competitive saw a boost as well. With plenty of events being organized online weekly and monthly.

This is all to say nothing of what is possibly Fortnite best event ever held. It featured completely different interactive gameplay, an epic scale, even a Fortnite-themed recreation of the Star Wars trench run.

Season 5  

Season 5 is going to take us into 2021, but it is a pretty major addition to the game. NPCs and a new system gold is a strange novelty for a new season, but it has added a lot more complexity to the game than just some new POIs. You can view our Winter Season 5 and competitive update breakdown here.

Competitive Fortnite in 2020

Across these Seasons, each has added something new but importantly not ruined what was already there. The game has avoided additions like the slipstream or mechs and managed to add shiny new eye-grabbing content, without upsetting the delicate balance of the competitive side of the game. The elephant in the room might be the very recent return of planes, but this should just be a short seasonal bit of fun.

Competitively, Fortnite has settled down a little this year. Every game had to adjust their competitive plans to accommodate for the COVID-19 restrictions. Fortnite was one of the games in the best positions to do so, with only one major cancellation, the world cup. The FNCS has continued for each season along with an ever-increasing batch of smaller in-game tournaments.

While the formats haven’t been revolutionary, Fortnite’s competitive scene has benefited immensely from the increased stability of Fortnite 2020’s Seasons. Players have longer to get to know a game’s balance, and no longer have to worry about a patch ruining their game plan the day of a tournament.

What Fortnite 2020 Got Wrong

Fortnite in 2020 hasn’t been all smooth sailing though, there have been a few drawbacks. The biggest is probably the aforementioned long seasons that took up the opening of the year. Given the FNCS date announced for Season 5, we’ll probably see this repeated in 2021 too. On top of that, some of the brand integrations in the game are becoming glaring. While many like having their favorite character as an in-game Fortnite skin, promotional items have taken over a bit in 2020. Fortnite’s seasons and Battle Passes are now completely dominated by things that could fairly be called in-game ads. This is probably seen as a positive for a lot of the fan base, but the game stuffing commercials in the face throughout games could eventually wear thin.

A few downsides aside, Fortnite 2020 has seen the game have one of its best years yet. Even if you measure Fortnite’s success by the lack of major upsets to the community, 2020 is definitely one of Fortnite’s best.  A healthy competitive side of the game has flourished, and pubs are more fun for casual play than ever.

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