Fortnite All Valley Cup – Watch & Participate in the first Chapter 3 event

The Fortnite All Valley Cup has been announced in-game, giving fans their first taste of competitive Fortnite in quite a while. Chapter 3 of the game launched late last year. However, tournaments have been on a Winter break after the blockbuster Grand Royale tournament in November.

The All Valley Cup is a smaller event to tie into the Netflix series Kobra Kai’s release and Fortnite crossover. Although, coming as one of the first competitive events for Chapter 3, this is a little more interesting than these small cups in the past. This is what you need to know:

Fortnite All Valley Event

Wax on, Wax off

Fortnite All Valley Cup

The Fortnite All Valley Cup is going to be a tie-in event alongside a new Netflix show. The tournament will allow players to compete to unlock themed sprays from the show Cobra Kai. There are also skins related to the series in the store, but these aren’t part of the tournament.

The event will hand out these sprays to the top competing players. The top 50% in each region will get the Cobra Kai spray. The top 30% will get the Myagi-Do spray, and the top 10% will earn the Eagle Fang Spray. Only these top 10% will get all three sprays.

The tournament will take place over three hours. Players can compete in up to 10 matches over the course of the event. They’ll earn points for placement alongside eliminations. They get 30 points for a victory royale, down to 2 points for finishing 41st-50th, and 1 point for coming in above 75th. Each elimination also only gives 1 point. This puts the focus on this tournament on survival rather than eliminations.

To put the scoring into context, you would need to get around 20 kills to match the points for a top 5 finish. Even finishing in the top 25 (a task more down to luck of rotation than skill) will get you the same score as killing 7 other players. The Fortnite All Valley Cup is probably going to be a more casual event with these rules, rather than be focused on kills.

 How to Play and Watch the Fortnite All Valley Cup


The Fortnite All Valley Cup is going to be running on the 8th of January. The event can be entered by anyone within the game. However, you will need to have two-factor authentication active on your account and be above level 50 in the game. Just about anyone has the chance to compete here. All they need to do is select the tournament in the game modes once it kicks off.

If you’re looking to watch the Fortnite All-Valley Cup then there likely won’t be an overall stream. Instead, you should find the tournament by looking at whichever streamer is taking part.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Tournaments

The Fortnite All Valley Cup is a minor tournament, but it is the first that has been held for quite a while. With this timing, it is going to be a bit more interesting than it normally would be. The last major tournament concluded in November; this cup is the first event for not only a new season but a whole new chapter. The new alterations to the game with chapter 3 make things pretty different for competitive. There’s a new map that is pretty unlike the last one, an entirely new set of weapons, and even different mechanics.

We don’t currently know when major tournaments are due to return. However, we’ll likely hear more throughout January. Chapter 3 of Fortnite has brought some big changes and many players seme excited about the new possibilities in the game. The All Valley Cup isn’t the biggest event in the game, but it could be a nice glimpse at how the new map and balance will play out in Fortnite.