Fortnite Party Royale tonight with Deadmau5 and Dillion Francis

Fortnite has hit a pretty big milestone, passing the mark for 350 million players. To celebrate, they’re doing something a bit different. Epic is throwing a live party to commemorate the occasion, with live performances. Similar to the last live event Fortnite held, the party Royale will see performances from Deadmau5, Steve Aoiki, and Dillion Francis. These will probably be quick 10-15 minute sets but set to an ambitious display of visual effects on the island. As with past events, if you want to catch the whole thing you’ll need to queue up early.

This particular event is being held completely separately from the main game. It is in the Party Royale game section. That corners it off from the regular game. The last live concert had a lot of encore performances, which rendered the actual game difficult to play in the aftermath. This new mode will avoid this, and make sure anyone just looking to actually play the game has the opportunity.

Fortnite Party Royale tonight with Deadmau5 and Dillion Francis

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The Party Royale

Fortnite’s Party Royale is being held to celebrate 350 million players, but this isn’t the best metric to actually judge the game’s popularity. Games like Fortnite are free to play, so 350 million is more referring to 350 million accounts created. These will not all be unique accounts, nor will the majority be active accounts. Double accounts for smurfing and long-forgotten accounts are going to be making up a substantial chunk. Even with this, players racked up 3.2 billion in-game hours throughout April, which is impressive.

Party Royale begins May 8, at 9 PM ET, which is 1 AM GMT, or 2 AM CET. If this isn’t a great time for your time zone (basically if you’re not in the US), there will be encore broadcasts on Sunday May 9th.

The game will be taking place in the Party Royale section. Unlike in other past events, this is its own playlist. It is also a playlist without weapon or mats. This is more of a hang out space. While perfect for staging a cerographic event, it has been a weird addition to the game modes over the last few days as a dedicated chill-out mode.

Where Can You Watch the Fortnite Party Royale?

You can watch the Fortnite Party Royale in the game itself by dropping into the game mode, or online. Epic will be broadcasting the event themselves on their website. Streamers and content creators will also be broadcasting the event, with their commentary.

What’s Next?

This latest event is probably going to be Fortnite’s big thing for the next few weeks. Season 3 is now due soon, but it is likely that the coronavirus will have an impact on the release of this. Over May, more competitive events are due to take place to try and bridge the competitive community over until the new season of FNCS. If you’re into the competitive side of Fortnite rather than the ‘live events’, then the upcoming invitational should be enough to keep you occupied.


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