Fortnite Season 2 Cash Cups and Platform Cups Begin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has quickly reignited things for the Battle Royale. After a season that became far too long, the competitive side of the game is more alive than ever. The Fortnite Champion Series is back up and running for Duos, but there are even more events going on at the moment. This week has seen the launch of another four weekly Fortnite tournaments; Season 2 Cash Cups and Platform Cups! Thanks to Epic’s weird divisions of players, we have a ridiculous amount of competitive Fortnite to watch or play in.

Cash Cups are nothing new. However, this time around they’re a little more interesting. Players are being divided up by a lot more than just region, with so many tournaments running at once it is difficult to find time to play let alone watch them all. Some pros aren’t competing in every tournament. However, even where this is the case, they’re dropping into a round just to showboat.

Fortnite Cash Cups

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Fortnite’s Season 2 Cash Cups and Tournaments

The tournaments in Season 2 of Fortnite are running outside of the ongoing Fortnite champion Series. These batches are open to all players and while they feature lower prize pools, they’re also low commitment. This time around players are divided into Ghost and Shadow, after the two teams in this Season’s Battle Pass. Because of an increasingly weird dedication to this, at best, surface-level theme of the game, Epic is doubling up on tournaments.

All of the Season 2 Cash Cups held are being run twice. This is two cups, with the exact same rules, using the exact same regions, with identical prize pools running completely separately with entirely different lobbies. All for the sake of a fairly minor connection to the battle Pass. While Cash Cups aren’t the biggest events in Fortnite, it takes some commitment to a minor novelty to double your prize pools.

These are the tournaments that have started up this week.

Cash Cups

Season 2 Cash Cups are running every Wednesday for the next few weeks. Players have 3 hours (6 PM to 9 PM) to compete in up to 10 games. Points are awarded for placement as well as kills. The top 50 players receive a share of the prize pool every week, with separate pools available to players in Shadow or Ghost.

Platform Cups

Platform cups are running every Thursday. This is where things really get interesting. PC players have their own tournaments, Xbox and PS4 have another and Switch or Mobile share the last group. Each of these platforms has two tournaments running with the top 10 taking home a prize. These pools offer console players the chance to compete on a fairly level playing field unless you’re using tilt controls on a Switch against players running 120FPS on an IPad Pro.

Are Pros Competing in the Season 2 Cash Cups?

With 5 tournaments running on every platform every week, it might be pushing the boundaries of how much high tier Fortnite a pro can play in the week. Some of the bigger names have been noncommittal when it comes to these cups, choosing to focus on the champion Series instead. That hasn’t stopped some getting involved though. Wednesday’s Cash Cup saw Tfue and Scoped join in as a Duo. The pair competed in only two games and managed an incredible 86 points.

Tfue Fortnite Duo kills

This isn’t record-breaking but it is a fantastic result. This kind of impressive play shows why this diversity of tournaments are important to Fortnite. The Fortnite Champion Series pits this level of player against each other competing for the top prize ahead of 2020’s World Cup. However, the Season 2 Cash Cups and Platform Cups offer up and coming players the chance to shine. The combination of all these cups is making competitive Fortnite one of the biggest things running right now.

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