Fortnite Season 5 Tournaments and Power Ranking Changes

Fortnite’s latest Season has lasted a bit longer than seasons normally run for, but there’s been no shortage of events. The Season has had a lot of content added since its launch, with regular crossover skins and new items appearing. On top of in-game changes, there is a lot happening in terms of Fortnite’s community.

There are plenty of Fortnite Season 5 tournaments, and players themselves are changing too. The battle for top Fortnite players of 2021 is opening up, with players moving around the Fortnite power rankings quickly.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 5

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Fortnite Season 5 Tournaments

Fortnite Season 5 tournaments aren’t changing things up too much, but there’s been some changes to the overall format. Epic is no longer running separate tournaments for different platforms. This change doesn’t have a huge effect on top level tournaments, all high levels players stick to PC.

However, for players who like to get involved at home, this is a bit of a hit. People playing on console don’t have much chance to win much now. Although, the move has allowed the prize pools to continue to rise, which has a good effect on the game’s overall health.

Those format changes mean that the top PC players still have the opportunity to rack up prize money. This is what’s coming up in terms of tournaments:

  • Cash Cups – Cash Cups are smaller tournaments that Epic holds regularly with smaller prize pools. These events don’t attract every top player in the game, but it gives people the chance to test out their skills in a smaller event. The prize pool for these events is still pretty respectable, so the top spots are usually taken by some of the best Fortnite players. Cash cups are held sporadically, but the next two coming up are on Saturdays and Mondays.
  • Fortntie Champion Series – FNCS are by far the biggest event on the calendar. The series is held each Season and it is a longer format then usual this time around. Players compete in qualifiers to enter into the finals. The last week sees the best players competing against each other for a much bigger prize pools. The best Fortnite players in each season are usually crowned through FNCS.
  • Friday Night Tournament – The Friday Night tournament has become a big part of the competitive calendar this year. However, it is an event held only for bragging rights. Players aren’t competing for cash in this event, just to get a warm up ahead of tournaments.

Fortnite Power Rankings and Streamer News

The tournaments being held for Fortnite this Season aren’t exactly breaking the mold, things have been ticking on like this for some time. There hasn’t stopped a lot of changes taking place in the game and the community. This is the Top 10 for North America West thus far:

  1. Degen
  2. Slackes
  3. Cented
  4. Commandment
  5. Jahq
  6. Ajerss
  7. Acorn
  8. Illest
  9. Cazz
  10. Edgey

That’s some big change compared to the end of the last season. There’s been a lot of change in the Fortnite power rankings, as new players come up in the tiers. This is the current Top 10 in Europe, the other major region for Fortnite tournaments:

  1. Chapix
  2. Hen
  3. Vadeal
  4. Noahreyil
  5. Xsweeze
  6. Snayzy
  7. Refsgaard
  8. K1nzell
  9. JannisZ
  10. Wakie

Fortnite power rankings don’t often correlate exactly with tournament results. However, if you’re looking for the new players that could cause upset for the next event, those are the top players to keep an eye on. If FNCS or any Fortnite tournament is featured on your favorite Fortnite betting site, these are the players to chose.

Finally, while the current season has dragged on for longer than normal, a good variety of events is helping to keep Fortnite in the public eye until a new Season begins.

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