100 Thieves Sign Two New Fortnite Players

100 Thieves have this weekend announced two more players that are coming on board their roster. This latest addition replaces the players that 100 Thieves lost back in September, but keeps them comfortably on the larger side of Fortnite teams.

The organization is one of the biggest in Fortnite, but their players don’t always achieve the success that reflects that. Their large roster typically takes up a big chunk of the contestants at major events like the Fortnite World Cup. However, even with so many players under their umbrella they often fail to bring home the big-ticket prizes that more independent players do.

Some of this is a reflection of the type of game Fortnite is, although there is an increasing section of Fortnite Esports fans worried about the effect of more coordination organizations have on games.

100 Thieves’ latest editions look set to bring them a little more recognition in the game. Hopefully, this allows their Fortnite efforts to catch up with their success in other games.


The first addition to 100 Thieves’ new roster was Falconer. This player was partnered with Arkhram, another 100 Thieves player, at a few tournaments including this year’s Fortnite World Cup. They placed 5th at that event in the Duos section, making the team one of the most successful for 100 Thieves. Given these results, it is unsurprising that 100 Thieves have brought Falconer on board the team.


The other player joining 100 Thieves is Grandma. This player hasn’t achieved the same standout competitive success as Falconer but has become a notable name in the Fortnite community. They are largely known for playing with Drake, and is a big name on Fortnite’s streaming platforms.

100 Thieves Growing Roster

100 Thieves’ new additions to their Fortnite team should help them get even more players into major events. However, certain segments of Fortnite fans worry about the impact of organized teams on events. A game like Fortnite encourages smaller teams of Duos, or Solos, gameplay suits this and organization cuts through the typical fair tactics used. However, even when picking Duo partners, players don’t always partner with someone under the same organization. This has given these organizations a smaller presence compared with other Esports.

The impact of more organized teams was raised earlier this year when organizations began to contract big name Fortnite coaches. This raised the possibility of collusion between teams during events. In theory, a coach could prepare players to take different routes of rotating around the map. This would keep every player from one organization safe from their teammates.

This kind of behavior isn’t allowed in competitive Fortnite and there is no evidence that it is taking place on a widespread scale. However, increasingly large teams bring the topic back into focus. It is likely that teams of player coordinate their landing spots to land in safety. However, if organized rotations of the map become a problem remains to be seen.

100 Thieves’ latest additions plug the hole left by leaving Kenith, Blind, and SirDimetrious back in September. These latest signing should complement their team well, and they allow their most successful Duos team to work together in major events completely under the 100 Thieves label.

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