How to Enable 2FA on Fortnite

2 factor authentication is increasingly becoming the standard for logging into various services, the new minimum for security beyond just having a secure password. Epic is pretty strongly pushing players to enable 2FA Fortnite access.

2FA is a barrier stopping you from unlocking access to Fortnite esports events and other features in-game. If you want to get the most out of Fortnite, you’ve got to know how to get 2fa in Fortnite.

Fortnite 2fa

Source: Fluxleaks on Twitter

How to Get 2FA on Fortnite

2FA Authentication can make your account a lot more secure. You could eventually lose access to your account without proper security. This isn’t much to worry about though, as the process to enable 2fa Fortnite is pretty easy. With this setup, you’ll always have a fallback to get back into your account. Check out our step by step about how to get it done:

There are different methods for setting up two-factor authentication, but the process is the same for each.

  • Go to the Epic Games website.
  • Log in with your Epic Games Account.
  • Head to Account.
  • Then Password and Security.
  • Select the option for setting up 2FA. There are three options at this stage.
  • Authenticator App – In this case, download an app and use this as your authenticator.
  • SMS Authentication – This one uses your phone and sends you a text message to confirm its really you.
  • Email – This is the same as SMS but by email.
  • Verify 2FA – You’ll need to log in using 2FA to verify that it’s working.

Your choice of which method is really just down to what’s most convenient for you. Once you’ve picked which one you want, it only takes a short while to get set up to start using 2FA Fortnite.

Why Set up 2 Factor Authentication?

2FA Fortnite is becoming increasingly important for accessing everything the game has to offer. There are a few key reasons, the first is obvious, security. This feature makes it considerably harder for anyone to access your account. Then there’s Fortnite esports. You can’t compete in them without 2FA, so if you win a tournament you won’t receive any cash without this.

The feature is also needed to send gifts to other players. While this isn’t something a lot of players use that frequently, you’ve probably seen some of the best Fortnite streamers send each other gifts. This needs 2FA to ensure no one is sending themselves a gift to your account without your knowledge.

It’ll also let you get a free emote! When you enable 2FA Fortnite, it isn’t going to do anything for your performance like optimizing your in-game settings to match Fortnite pro settings. It is an important security step though, vital if you want to keep your Fortnite account safe and compete in pro-level games.