Epic launches The Fortnite Season X Championship Series

The Fortnite World Cup pushed Fortnite just beyond the rankings of League of Legends for the all-time viewership records for an Esports event. However, with the Fortnite World Cup dominating the scene for so long, what is coming next? Epic has answered that question almost immediately, up next is the Fortnite Championship Series.

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Fortnite World Cup 2019

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The World Cup is going to be hard to top. Epic is instead pursuing a different path for the next stage of competitive Fortnite, with an ongoing league taking place rather than an all or nothing event like that the World Cup. The Fortnite Championship Series is going to give players the chance to go up against each other every week for an extended period, finding which player comes out on top of a whole lot of matches. This is in contrast to the short 6-game set that settled the Fortnite World Cup.

The series is due to begin on August 17th. Players will enter the game on Saturdays and Sundays to compete for part of the prize pool and to qualify for the Season X Championship. These events will take place for the usual Solos game, however, Duos have been vaulted! Arena mode now only offers solos and trios, a nice change of pace from the normal proceedings.

We don’t currently have details on the prize pool, but it is likely to follow the typical weekly $1,000,000 pattern that Epic has established over this year.

This new weekly event is going to be the centrepiece for competitive Fortnite, but there is more happening. Epic has also confirmed that Solo Cash Cups will be making a return on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning August 21st. For players who don’t fancy entering into a lengthy league system, these cups are going to be a different way to compete.

Outside of Epic’s proceedings, other competitive events are still taking place. other events. FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill and Funk have recently picked up the $10,000 prize in the Fortnite Friday event. While Fortnite Friday’s format is a little different to the one used by Epic, it is still a fun event.

Competitive players react to Season X

The Fortnite Season X Championship is launching alongside the latest season of the game. However, it wouldn’t really be a Fortnite tournament without players overreacting to the latest changes to the game. This time, it is the recently added Mechs that they’re unhappy about.

The Mechs are probably going to be nerfed in a future update given their current power. However, this hasn’t stopped the reaction from competitive players even going beyond the hate for the Baller upon its release.

While few pros have had kind words to say about the Mech, Tfue likely wins the prize for the most animated reaction. After Tfue’s game was crashed by a Mech, he let loose in a stream.

The fun of a new Fortnite update and event is often seeing Pro players and streamers lose it upon seeing the new content. There is still plenty of time before the start of the Fortnite Championship Series for the Mechs to be properly balanced. Until then, you can enjoy watching the meltdowns they inspire.