FaZe Clan sign new teenage Fortnite player

FaZe Clan has recently announced a brand new signing for their Fortnite team. This has had a little more success recently and is currently home to some of the best competitive players in Fortnite at the moment. Their new signing is a little unconventional, both in age and his play style. It is a strange addition and hopefully one that will pay off for FaZe.

15-year-old player Sway has already made a name for himself in the Fortnite community as a content creator. He is age follows other young Fortnite players achieving great things at tournaments, like the recent ESL Katowice. While he’s yet to make much of a splash as a competitive player, this young Fortnite play has demonstrated his skills through his YouTube channel. Strangely he doesn’t yet operate on Twitch. This might well change given the company he will now be keeping in FaZe.

While his young age is certainly impressive, there is a factor that really makes his Fortnite skills stand out. Sway uses a controller play Fortnite. Controllers are virtually unheard of in top-level competitive Fortnite. That Sway manages to perform at this level while using a controller should be proof enough that he is ready to compete with the pros. It is currently unknown if he will continue to use a keyboard in tournaments, but it should liven up upcoming tournaments like the Fortnite World Cup.

Teams have previously seemed reluctant to recruit players under 18. However, Fortnite has repeatedly pulled in younger and younger players to its top tiers.

FaZe is home to some of the best players in competitive Fortnite at the moment. Cloak and Tfue are both on the team. As a duo, they placed 11th in the recent Gauntlet event and 12th in the recent Secret Skirmish. For a fifteen-year-old prodigy, FaZe is an exciting team to be a part of. Their current Fortnite roster is one of the best in the game at the moment.

While Tfue is one of the most well known competitive Fortnite players, he might not be playing with the FaZe new signing for a little while. Tfue has recently said that he is suffering from neck injuries. This is likely caused by his streaming and he is currently being treated for this problem. He claims that if the current course of treatment is not successful, then he will likely have to take some time off for some surgery. This would mean an extended break from both streaming and Fortnite, meaning he would miss any upcoming events.

A loss of a major player would come as a big dent to FaZe. Hopefully, their new signing can help them fill any holes in their rosters as Fortnite biggest stretch of competitive events begins in April.