FNCS Major 3 Grand Finals Review – C4 S4 Fortnite Finals 2023

The final FNCS Major for 2023 has just concluded. The Fortnite Finals 2023 have locked in a few more Duos with their invites to the end-of-year LAN. The third FNCS Major for 2023 saw some unexpected results, with some regions seeing more established players struggling to rise up the rankings. This has been a more controversial Season for Fortnite, but the meta with weapons at the end of the season definitely made for an interesting tournament at the Fortnite Grand Finals.

This tournament was the conclusion for the current season of the Battle Royale’s esports. There’s more at stake than just a ranking in the FNCS Major for this season though. The end of year LAN is due to bring all the winners from Chapter 4 into one lobby at the end of the next Chapter. This tournament was the final chance for players to earn their invite to this LAN, so who secured their spots?

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Fortnite Finals 2023 Major 3

The Fortnite finals 2023 for this Major have now fully wrapped up. Across each region, there are new players getting their crowns as FNCS Champions. North America was one of the biggest regions at the tournaments, the second in this new combined region.

This round was ultimately won by Ajerss and Khanada. These two have earnt their spot at the LAN. Khanada has had some strong results in Chapter 4, particularly taking 2nd in Major 1. They weren’t the strongest in the FNCS duos tournament for Season 2, but they’ve finally won a title here. The two had a strong performance, taking 1st place in two different games in the weekend. While their kill count was a bit lower, they dominated over the event.

Bugha and Threats finished in second place for North America. Bugha performed strongly in Chapter 3, but has suffered in this Chapter so far. This 2nd place finish secures their spot at the LAN too. Bugha has had great results at major events like LANs and the Fortnite World Cup, so it’ll be interesting to see him at the end of Chapter.


In Europe, the Fortnite Finals 2023 saw some different players make the top flight. Putrick and SizzY took first place, with a bit of a surprising result. This is their first big win in the game since getting 11th at the C3 S1 FNCS, so it’s a surprising rise for the players. Across the tournament, they took two 1st place in one game and a fourth place finish too. Kami and Setty also managed 4th in Europe, but they’ve already managed to get their spot at the LAN in previous FNCS Major tournaments.

In Australia RepulseGod and Jace took the first place at the FNCS Fortnite Grand Finals. Only the top two Duos in this region go to the LAN, the other team to qualify was Alex and Worthy. RepulseGod and Jace only just edged ahead here, at 763 total points to second place’s 745. Both Duos came in way ahead of third place finish though, which was Pumpkin and Volx which only got to 591 points. They managed some decent kill counts to get to this position, helpful since Fortnite enabled siphon for the recent tournament.

Those are some of the big takeaways from the Fortnite finals 2023 for Major 3. There are loads of different regions playing in the event though. The top placing teams at each will move over to the LAN, and it’s worth checking out how Duos performed in other regions too.


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