When is Avatar Coming to Fortnite?

The Avatar the Last Airbender series is the next collab to come to Fortnite. We’ve known this since the game first moved into this season. Just when has been a bit of a mystery though. As has how big this collab is going to be. Is it going to be a full-on crossover with new items, or just a handful of skins? We’ve started getting out first teasers for the Fortnite Avatar collab with the most recent update.

This update has added a spot on the map which is teasing the arrival of the Fortnite Avatar crossover. This will be one of our biggest crossovers for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. It’s definitely included in the Battle Pass for the season and the quests have just locked for the first batch of cosmetics. What about extra content though? We already know about quite a few other features coming to the title.

Fortnite Avatar Crossover

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Avatar Crossover

The Fortnite Avatar crossover has been semi in the game for a few weeks already. Namely, in the bonus section of the Battle Pass. However, the skin hasn’t ben unlocked yet. Players can look through the cosmetics that are available but they can’t actually unlock or play it yet. We know about the bonus skin pretty clearly. What else is coming though?

The most obvious inclusion is going to be an Aang skin. The main character of Avatar the Last Airbender will clearly be included. He’ll just be an item shop skin. If past release schedules for the Fortnite Item shop are anything to go by, we’ll probably get at least another character too. Along with extra cosmetics to include in bundles!

The most exciting part of the new crossover might be the in-game items. We’re apparently due to get a handful of in-game mythic items to celebrate the world of Avatar. We aren’t sure what exactly these will be. The most obvious pick is probably something involving the Airbender powers though.

When Will the Fortnite Avatar Crossover Release?

One of the big teases for the Fortnite Avatar crossover has arrived with the latest update. There’s now an ice structure in game, found in the sea in the very top part of the map. This is our first new teaser for Avatar arriving. When can expect the rest of it to unlock outside of the Battle Pass? It’s hard to gauge, but with Epic actively teasing things it’s likely progress has been made already. The Bonus skin has unlocked in-game. However, the wider Fortnite update might take a little longer.

We might start seeing Avatar items arrive in the next update or two! The date given by leakers has been April 12th, so we can probably expect the rest of the content around this time too.

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