Fortnite Champion Series Season X Recap and Finals Preview

Fortnite Champion Series Season X is already winding towards its conclusion; this weekend the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals are due to take place. The tournament has been pretty eventful with no shortage of Fortnite news since the outset. This latest tournament is going to bring together the winners of the Fortnite Champion Series, weekly events that whittled the field down to just the most skilled. Over the course of the qualifying stages, we’ve seen plenty of dramatic action. The Fortnite Champion series Leaderboard hasn’t been as static as anyone would have predicted.

Fortnite Championship Series: Season X

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Fortnite Champion Series Season X Recap

A lot of the Fortnite Champion Series weekly developments have built on what we saw at the World Cup. Esports news everywhere was set alight by Bugha’s victory in the Solos at that tournament, he has definitely been the player to watch throughout the Fortnite Championship Series. He has been competing in the Trios section with clarity and Stretch in this tournament. The three have shown some great reliance in adapting to this new format in Fortnite tournaments. Their biggest stand-out moment to date was Bugha’s ridiculously accurate sniping in last week’s event.

Tfue has remained one of the biggest names in Fortnite. Between his tournament showing and his prominence on Esports streaming platforms, he was rarely out of the news over the course of the event and has stayed on the Fortnite Champion Series Leaderboard. After leaving his old team was an explosive lawsuit, Tfue seems to be back on top with his new trios line-up. Him, Khanda, and Fiber came out on top of Week 5, beating out his former teammates and Duos partners. Cloak still managed to qualify for the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals but failed to place on the top 10.

Week 4 of the Fortnite Champion Series was dominated by clean tigers, kinghitter69 and yoink meister. They pulled off an astonishing sixty-four eliminations over the course of nine matches. They even pulled four Victory Royales out of nine too. This team’s performance gives us a bit of a hint as to what we can expect from the Fortnite Champion Series Season X finals. Namely,

Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals

The Fortnite Champion Series will come to a head over the weekend. It has been a long journey from players switching to Uno in protests to mechs, but a winner has to be named. FNCS predictions are always difficult since Fortnite tends to be a bit unpredictable. The payers that few expected to come out on top, have previously swept entire tournaments. With such a wide pool of entrants, a good FNCS prediction is that player no one is esports betting on will scalp a prize.

The Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals is really Bugha’s to loose. Going into the event, he is the player that all eyes are on. His victory in the last major tournament was huge. It doesn’t seem like an entirely safe FNCS prediction to assume he’ll take victory again, but anyone up against him, clarity, and Stretch will have their work cut out for them.

Some developments in the Fortnite Champion Series Season X that hasn’t made as big news has had some really impressive gameplay going on. Players who don’t necessarily command the biggest streaming following have been doing big things in the Fortnite Champion Series, such as the victorious team in Week 4. While Tfue’s beefs might grab the eye between major tournaments, quitter players like this Trio have demonstrated much more impressive skill. Their performance in the last few weeks has made them serious competitors to the big names.

The Fortnite Champion Series Season X is going to be essential viewing both to see big players defend their titles and for new players to potentially surprise everyone. Fortnite is a completely unpredictable game to watch, each game can go dramatically different to the last. The finals are going to be anything but dull.