Is Fortnite Cross Platform? – How to play with friends

Fortnite is available across just about every console and platform. It’s the most fun though when you’re playing with friends, trying to take out an entire lobby of players together. With so many different versions of Fortnite though, a lot of players can’t just jump into games together. At least not without knowing is Fortnite cross platform and how everything works.

There are problems with crossplay though, like players being matched with others on much more powerful hardware. Not even the best Fortnite settings can get around the FPS difference between PC and some consoles. So can it be turned off and is there any limitations for playing cross-platform with friends?

FN cross platform

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Is Fortnite Cross Platform?

If you’re wondering is Fortnite cross platform? The answer is yes. Every single platform of Fortnite can play with one another. If the latest Fortnite news indicates a comeback for mobile or any other new platform, that’ll have crossplay too. Epic has been pretty strongly committed to keeping Fortnite crossplay working everywhere.

That doesn’t mean that it is turned on by default though. Instead, Fortnite cross platform matches are only activated when you play with friends or specifically jump into a cross platform game mode.

Is Fortnite Cross Platform by Default?

Cross platform play isn’t the standard in Fortnite, at least in the main modes. In Zero Builds and Battle Royale you’ll only be with your own platform unless you’re specifically seeking out cross play.

Whether or not Fortnite is cross platform is a different question for competitive players. Arena mode is crossplay. This isn’t optional either. It wasn’t always the case, but Epic eventually got sick of funding prize pools for their many tournaments on every single platform and every single region. There’s now one Fortnite competitive mode, unless tournaments are platform specific they’re also crossplay.

There’s also the matter of player-created mode. Creative mode tends to be crossplay. This is likely down to matchmaking but you can probably find maps that try to exclude some platforms. Other LTMs and modes are also cross play by default. If you’ve ever been beamed by a player in team rumble, a much higher FPS along with a mouse and keyboard is probably to blame.

How to Play Fortnite Crossplay

If you’re playing in one of the casual modes, you can’t play Fortnite on cross platform. So how do you play with friends across platforms? Once you ready up with a friend on a different platform, you’ll be automatically entered into a cross play lobby. Epic does this by sorting by the higher-powered hardware in the Duo. They rank the various platforms like this:

1. PC
2. PlayStation and Xbox
3. Switch and Mobile

The highest platform that a party member is on will make up most of your lobby. Keep this in mind for Fortnite cross platform games! Nothing is changed across different versions of Fortnite. All Fortnite skins are available and quests all still track. It’s great to jump into games with friends no matter what you’re playing on and you can do it easily in Fortnite.