Fortnite x IT: Chapter 2 – Everything about the crossover

Fortnite is no stranger to crossover events with other media. In just the last year we’ve seen Avengers, Stranger Things, and John Wick crossovers bring new content and some unique skins to the game. The latest addition to the game is going to be focused on IT: Chapter 2. Fortnite x IT: Chapter 2 has already started being teased in-game. It’s an unlikely crossover, but it will soon hit the game.

Fortnite x IT Crossover

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Is there a Fortnite x IT crossover coming?

The Fortnite x IT crossover has been expected for a while because of clues found in-game. A data miner found files relating to Pennywise the clown back in August, which was a pretty clear indication this was coming. Audio clips of the character were also found in the game, pointing towards a skin or LTM that might involve a crossover with the movie.

Since then the clue shave stacked up even more. A red balloon has been spotted in Pleasant Park. This may seem like a pretty small clue, but anyone familiar with the Stephen King book or film adaptations will see the significance of it. Even more than just a balloon, this one is sticking up out of the sewer.

Epic has a habit of teasing new events and crossovers with these kinds of hints. With so much pointing towards it, it is quite likely that this is a Fortnite x IT crossover. Epic is yet to officially confirm a crossover though. This isn’t exactly evidence against it; Epic is typically tight-lipped on this kind of thing until release day.

The official Twitter account for the IT: Chapter 2 movie retweeted a Fortnite fan site’s comments on the crossover, seemingly confirming they are at least aware of the rumours. The retweet was quickly deleted, lending even more weight to it being an accidental early confirmation.

Fortnite x IT Chapter 2

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When will the Fortnite x IT crossover start?

The Fortnite x IT: Chapter 2 Crossover can probably be expected to start after September 6th. This is the official release date for the film. If it follows the pattern of previous Fortnite crossovers, we will likely see more clues begin to emerge before a sudden dropping of the content. This can be expected with the next update. With weekly patches to address the game’s problems now quite a regular thing, don’t expect a big wait. Expect to see something about the Fortnite x IT crossover next week, if it actually is coming to the game.

It is hard to say what will be in the crossover. Probably an extensive event like the Borderlands Rift Zone that took over a portion of the map. Or it could be as minor as a skin. It is all but confirmed that there will be a Pennywise skin added in the game, one resembling his appearance in the modern adaption rather the well-known Tim Curry miniseries. Other skins of characters from the movie are also likely. IT: Chapter 2 reunites the young cast of characters from the first movie 27 years later, this takes away the concern that the skins featured may be of the young cast of the movie.

The Fortnite x IT: Chapter 2 crossover should be coming to the gamer in the next week, keep your eyes out for more clues and hints in the next few days.

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