Glitches Cause Havoc in Fortnite Champion Series Finals

FNCS glitches caused a bit of havoc in the game during the event’s finals this weekend. Fortnite has been a relatively stable game throughout Season 2. A lot less has had to be vaulted and unvaulted over the course than in previous seasons.

However, one irritating bug that just doesn’t seem to be getting squashed has continued to impact proceedings. This glitch isn’t exactly game-breaking, but it nearly cost the winner of the World Cup a life.

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The glitches involve the ziplines that are scattered across the map. These small shortcuts are one of few mobility options open to players. With a reduced arsenal to help rotation, many players in the FCNS finals found themselves relying on these.

The problem comes with their implementation. Ziplines in Chapter 2 have a few problems, particularly with causing damage to players when they shouldn’t.

Bugha Derailed by FNCS Glitches

Former Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha has quickly become one of the biggest names in Fortnite and was definitely one to watch in the FNCS. However, this zipline problem caused issues for his team in a game over the weekend.

Heading out on his own to take down a spotted squad, Bugha jumped on a zipline heading over to Weeping Wood. When he hit the ground, he lost 100 points of health. This FNCS glitch left Bugha looking for a heal from his allies. While they were close enough to administer one, it was a close call that nearly left them with only three players.

This glitch has been known about since the last patch hit. It has been causing a high amount of damage to any players who land in the wrong spot from a zipline. It is frustrating to see it impact the FNCS finals. In the past, Epic has removed aspects that currently had bugs prior to major events. This time though, the Ziplines stayed. This likely less because Epic being unaware of the FNCS glitch, and because of movement.

With limited options available in the current map, disabling ziplines for the event would really harm the game’s balance with rotating around the map. These FNCS glitches that occasionally sap players of health are the price you pay.

Are FNCS Glitches a Major Problem?

Following losing health to a glitch, Bugha was quickly healed by his teammates and returned to the normal game. However, his team failed to make much of an impression over the course of the weekend. They eventually placed outside of the top 10. This is a little disappointing for a supergroup of a team, with some of the biggest players in the world playing together. This event was won by Qvery, Stable Ronaldo, UnknownxArmy1x, and Vanguard.

While not exactly unknowns, these players won out over a number of much more well-known players. One of the most fun things about a major Fortnite event is the inevitable emergence of a whole host of new great players. This will be a squad to watch at this year’s Winter Royale. While FCNS glitches caused some problems over the weekend, the final placements of players came down to their overall performance, not one hiccup.

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