Goku Fortnite Skin – Will it be Back in the Item Shop?

Goku is more than just the protagonist of another anime, he’s one of the most recognizable figures in the whole of popular culture. Dragon Ball’s crossover success has made Goku known pretty much the world over. The Goku Fortnite skin is one of the most popular thanks to all of this recognition. Fortnite Goku isn’t just a simple reaction version of the character though, he’s one of the most full-on crossovers Epic has produced.

Out of all the Fortnite skins, Goku is among the most eye-catching in lobbies. He isn’t a staple of the game’s store though and given that he’s a crossover a return can be unpredictable. How could you get the skin though and will he be making a return any time soon?

Goku fortnite

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Goku Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite Goku skin was the headline character for the first round of Fortnite X Dragon Ball. He came to the store in Chapter 3 along with Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus. He had arguably the most focus out of this first batch of characters though. He got back bling, a glider, and multiple styles that fit the character completely.

One of the coolest features of the skin was the built-in emote. The Goku Fortnite skin included four different versions of the character. There was base Goku where he starts out. Using the charge-up emote lets him transform into Super Saiyan, the blond-haired version that’s become iconic from the original Dragon Ball manga. He could then move into Super Saiyan Blue and finally Ultra Instinct. That’s one of his newest transformations which even goes shirtless from battle damage.

This was a lot of different content for one character, definitely pushing the bar from the previous anime crossover Fortnite X Naruto. Since this was a crossover though, will Goku in Fortnite ever return?

Will Goku Come Back to the Item Shop?

The Goku Fortnite skin has already returned to the item shop after its initial run. The first batch of skins returned for the second Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover. It’ll likely be back again.

Typically, crossover skins aren’t back as often. Although, there’s good reason to think the Fortnite Goku skin can come back often. The crossover is one of the first to come from a deal signed between Epic Games and Shueisha. A crossover representing one of their properties has happened seasonally recently.

While the focus might be on Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia right now, the Goku skin will definitely be back! Eventually, we’ll see Goku return to the item shop where anyone can pick him up. Although, it’s also possible we get a third round of Dragon Ball skins alongside the return of Goku in Fortnite. Keep an eye on Fortnite leaked skins. If frieze, Cell, or any other Dragon Ball character pops up in the files then Goku likely isn’t far behind.