How Can You Get the Comet Fortnite Skin?

Fortnite has literally thousands of skins. You could wear a different one every game and take a long time to ever cycle around. However, that also means skins are often gone from the item shop for quite a period. It can leave players who missed out pining for one particular skin they skipped, like wondering how to get Comet Fortnite skin.

The Comet Fortnite skin is a more recent look in the game. It was released earlier this year. This isn’t one of those Fortnite OG skins that are sealed away forever. Although, it’s been missing for most of the season. This puts it in that sweet spot where you see it all the time in-game but can’t seem to get it yourself. If you’re wondering how to get Comet Fortnite skin, this is how you can track it down.

How to get Comet Fortnite Skin

Source: Epic Games

How to Get Comet Fortnite Skin

If you want to get the Comet Fortnite skin, it’s easy. The skin is currently back in the Item Shop. All you need to do is open the Item Shop and buy it.

Most Fortnite skins are unlocked this easily. Although, you’ll have to keep the end date for the item in mind. Comet is due to leave the item shop in July. It’s only been back for a few days. It’ll be leaving the Item Shop on July 9th. You’ll only have until then to make your mind up whether you want this skin or not.

What is the Comet Fortnite Skin?

Comet is one of the Fortnite characters that quite a few players are regularly hoping return. However, it isn’t one of the oldest or least seen skins.

Comet was first added back in Chapter 5 Season 1. So really quite recent in the grand scheme of things. It features a woman with blue hair and a matching tattoo, also sporting yellow overalls. The skin was part of the Neutron Repair set, with a backbling, harvesting tool, and wrap coming with them.

It was first added in February 2024, but it was cycled in and out until as recently as July. The skin might not be one of the rarest Fortnite skins, but it’s a fun outfit. Make sure to pick it up when it’s in the store if you’re after it, skins like this could disappear for quite a while.

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