Fortnite item trouble: loot or no loot?

Fortnite – the world’s most popular Battle Royale game is now in its tenth season, and it’s still going strong – at least according to some. Others have jumped ship by now, citing many reasons – lack of balance, lack of new ideas, lack of… Epic giving players what they promised?


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“Out of Time” challenges

As it happens, the tenth season is currently coming to an end, and part of that are specific new challenges that unlock a few extra skins and cosmetic items. These “Out of Time” challenges are the last set that was revealed before Fortnite Season 11 will launch. At least, that’s how it should be. For some players, it isn’t – they experience troubles when they try to collect their rewards.

People quickly bonded together on Reddit and other forums in order to complain that they had fulfilled the requirements yet hadn’t received their rewards for them. Now you may be wondering about Fortnite’s reaction to this issue… and so are the players because there hasn’t been one. So far, Epic Games have declined to comment or react to this issue.

Epic Games have declined to comment or react

Sadly, fans don’t have high hopes either. In addition to Epic’s image problems because of their attitude to licensing games, previous incidents with challenges and rewards have shown that they aren’t always the most… helpful when it comes to resolving problems.

With just a couple days left to complete the challenges before they go away forever, players are painfully reminded of this July, when similar issues at the end of season 9 occurred… and then again immediately afterward with different challenges, just a few days later.

Epic has resolved previous issues and promised players that their rewards would show up the next time they logged in, but even after they promised things were solved, some players still reported broken challenges.

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Fans lose hope

This time around, players are annoyed. Fortnite is, without a doubt, Epic Games’ biggest singular source of income – it’s one of the most popular games on the planet, yet it seems that the company struggles to solve issues like this in a timely manner – or to prevent them in the first place.

Fortnite’s player base has been in a steady decline since the game peaked some time last year – not that it isn’t still immensely popular, but much of the hype surrounding it is now gone, and players are more critical of Fortnite – and of Epic.

That means that every hour this issue persists, it’s hurting the (very) slowly dwindling player bases that the game relies on.