Gladiators dominate Midseason Madness – Who is top dog in the OWL?

The Overwatch League just had it’s Midseason Madness 2022 finals draw to a conclusion. LA Gladiators took the top spot for this tournament, coming up on Shock both in the match and in the OWL Power Rankings. Let’s look at how the Midseason Madness went, and which teams look the most like 2022’s champions.

Remember, we’re at about the halfway point for this season of the Overwatch League. With just two main cups left, how are all of the teams looking at the moment?

LAG OWL Midseason Madness 2022

Gladiators dominate Midseason Madness finals

Midseason Madness Finals for 2022 have just finished up this weekend. The tournament didn’t quite go the smoothest. There were some big problems with OWL teams transport costs, and even limiting practice time. Compared to the Kickoff Clash, there were quite a few surprises at this tournament.

The Midseason Madness Finals 2022 began with a few surprise results. London Spitfire managed to advance into the upper bracket of the quarter-finals. This is a feat they haven’t managed in quite a while.

Gladiators also continued their strong performance from the Kickoff Clash here. Their first round of the finals was up against Houston where they cleanly swept 3-0. In the upper bracket semis, they beat out Hangzhou Spark in a tighter match.

In the Finals, Gladiators faced Shock. San Francisco had a strong group stage for the Midseason Madness 2022. They got through the tournament without losing a single game. They had a similar performance in the Kickoff Clash though, before dropping a bit in the actual bracket as they faltered. In this bracket though, they performed quite a bit better. They sailed through their qualifying two games, beating both Spitfire and last year’s winners Shanghai.

This all set the stage for the final itself to be between the two teams with the best performances in the league right now. Shock and Gladiators faced off both in the Upper Bracket Final, and once again in the Grand Final. Shock won the first round but it was fairly close, they then lost the second round. Gladiators pulled off an impressive victory in the final. This is their second consecutive bracket win of the year.

Overwatch League Teams to Watch in the Second Half of the League

With the Midseason Madness 2022 finals concluded, we’ve got a good idea of where all of the teams stand. What are we looking at with the teams remaining for the year? there are a few clear standouts.

Both Shock and Gladiators have had amazing runs this season. Shock might technically be first in the OWL Power Rankings given how very few games they’ve lost this season. They don’t have the two titles that Gladiators have, but it’s hard to say they’ve had a bad year.

Gladiators have also been strong this year. They’ve won both of the two tournaments held so far. This gives them some clear dominance. However, they haven’t quite had the same ratio of wins as Shock have managed. They’ve proven they can really bring it to those high-stakes games. They’re likely going to be the favorites heading into the next round.

Shanghai has suffered a bit this season compared to last. However, they didn’t entirely dominate in the early stages of 2021 either. It wouldn’t be right to write them off this early. While they don’t look at strong as the other two, they’re another clear favorite heading into the second half of the season. All three of these are great picks for Overwatch betting as the season continues.