Glitch: Regen 2022 – Players to Watch and Events Schedule

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 just wrapped up with historic and shocking results, but some of the top-placing players are already looking towards their next major this weekend. Glitch: Regen is kicking off over the weekend. This will be three full days of action, and going to host some of the top players from Summit have another crack at a major win.

Image source: @RellFGC

Glitch: Regen 2022

Glitch: Regen 2022 is going to be a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament held in Laurel over September 23-25. The event is only going to feature Ultimate. No Melee around. It’s part of the Smash World Tour circuit with 400 points for the winner at stake. There’s no prize pool here, but the points will go a long way in the standings for the season.

The event is features 422 players, a wide net for pools. Here they compete in groups before getting moved into the final bracket. Top players will face each other in a double-elimination format with the best player at the end of it all walking away as the champion.

Glitch Regen is largely going to be solos. However, the event is going to feature a doubles tournament too. There’s a Squad Strike event happening too. The singles tournament is definitely the main event though.

Top Players at Glitch: Regen 2022

The tournament is going to feature some of the best players active this year. You’ve Light here who is coming off of a recent 2nd place finish at Smash Ultimate Summit 5. There’s also Sonix, who had impressive results with Sonic in the Panda Cup. Cosmos who is fresh off a pretty big Major win over at Shine 2022.  Jake is a player who is likely to grab attention if he makes the bracket thanks to being the most notable Steve player attending.

Outside of these, there are more interesting players here too. Kameme is showing up. He’s a Japanese player who mains Sora, an unconventional choice in a year of unconventional characters taking home major wins.

These are some of the big players that are going to be in attendance at Smash Ultimate Summit 5:

  • Light
  • Dabuz
  • Tweek
  • Sonix
  • KEN
  • Zomba
  • Cosmos
  • Kameme
  • Jakal
  • K
  • Jake
  • DDog
  • Ling
  • Peanut

Glitch: Regen Schedule

The main event is going to be the singles bracket, but it’s not the only thing going on at this event. Glitch: Regen is going to feature a few side events too. This is how the schedule breaks down for the tournament:

  • Ultimate Singles Pools – Saturday
  • Singles Bracket – Sunday
  • Ultimate 2v2 – Friday
  • Ultimate Squads – Saturday

That’s everything you need to know. Light looks like a good call for the tournament in the early stage, but he has a lot of competition this year.  Be sure to tune into the stream to see which player takes home the top spot at Glitch: Regen 2022.