Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results and ProtoBanham’s upset

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 played out this weekend. The tournament’s roster included basically all major winners in the game for this year. However, the results were surprising. The Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results had a lot of upsets, with a historic finish for MKLeo along with a new major winner.

ProtoBanham took a super major over the tournament. However, it was also a great weekend for Light. ProtoBanham is a Japanese player known for mixing in Min Min lately, a more unconventional pick for high-tier Smash. This is how it all went down and why the Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results were so surprising.

Smash Ultimate Summit 2022

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results went wacky

The Smash Ultimate Summit 5 final results were surprising right from the off of the finals bracket. This is where the first major upset came. MKleo, who has been dominating this year failed to place top 8. He came in through the losers’ bracket. While he beat Myran, he lost out to Tweek in the second round. This is only the second time the player has missed the top 8. He came in 9-12th in the final results.

Sparg0 also had his return to Smash after an absence at Smash Ultimate Summit 5. The player placed well but ultimately lost out to Glutonny in the third round of the Loser’s bracket, after dropping from winners to ProtoBanham.

MKLeo failing to make the top 8 is a surprising result. The roster was stacked. However, the player’s results were unexpected. Although, twice so far isn’t too bad for MKLeo’s record.

Finals Bracket

The finals bracket kicked off with ProtoBanham facing Kola from the winners side. Here, ProtoBanham lost his first two rounds but came back to dominate and move on through. This put straight into Grand Finals. Light began his run in the losers bracket. He beat out the top-ranking Steve player at the event, winning with Fox over acola. That was followed up by a clean sweep over Kola in the Loser’s’ Finals.

The finals itself saw ProtoBanham face Light. Both players have distinguished themselves so far this year. ProtoBanham has already beaten out the top players in the game at Double Down 2022, where he beat MKleo in the finals. Light has also placed well at Shine, and the Gimvitational.

A reset was forced in the final match between the pair with Light on top early on. However, ProtoBanham also switched up his character, switching over to Min-Min for the middle three sets. In the end, he managed to clutch the whole tournament and win a super major.

The Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results were definitely some of the more interesting out of the tournaments this year. Even for a Super Major, this was a big one. Between MKLeo losing out on his record and a ProtoBanham’s dramatic finish, few could have predicted these exact results. The top players performed really well over the tournament though. There’s also still plenty of tournament on the books for the rest of this year though, fans shouldn’t write off MKLeo just yet given his amazing run this year so far.

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